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Skilled hands, artistic minds: NYC’s Indian photographers at their best.

100 Epic Wedding Moments: Captured by NYC’s Premier Indian Photographers

Cherish Moments: NYC Indian Photographers – Capturing Love and Culture. Experience the enchantment of your NYC Indian wedding captured by our expert photographers. Embrace the fusion of Indian traditions with the dynamic energy of the city. Book now and preserve your love story forever.

Celebrate Your Love with NYC Indian Photographers

Welcome to a world where the rich tapestry of Indian wedding traditions intertwines with the pulsating heart of New York City. At NYC Indian Photographers, we invite you to embark on a journey where love, culture, and captivating moments converge. As you step into this bustling metropolis, allow us to weave the essence of your love story into timeless photographs that mirror the grandeur of both your bond and the city that never sleeps.

Exclusive Breathtaking Shots by NYC’s Best Indian Photographers

Explore NYC’s crème de la crème of Indian wedding photographers, showcasing 100 stellar shots that immortalize love, emotion, and vibrant traditions. Dive into a curated gallery that defines excellence and turns fleeting moments into timeless memories.

  • Our Expertise in NYC Indian Weddings:

With years of experience and a deep understanding of Indian cultural intricacies, we specialize in immortalizing the most precious moments of your NYC Indian wedding. Our team’s familiarity with diverse rituals and traditions ensures that we capture every heartbeat of your celebration with authenticity and reverence. From vibrant mehndi ceremonies to joyous baraat processions, we stand ready to encapsulate the essence of your love story.

  • Capturing NYC’s Essence:

Imagine your love story unfolding against the backdrop of iconic NYC landmarks. From Central Park’s romantic serenity to Times Square’s vibrant energy, our lens captures the juxtaposition of love and city life. Each photograph is a testament to the fusion of your unique journey with the dynamic spirit of NYC, creating a visual narrative that resonates for generations to come.

  • Customized Packages by NYC Indian Photographers:

Your NYC Indian wedding reflects your individuality, and our photography packages are designed to honor that. Our offerings encompass pre-wedding shoots, comprehensive day-of coverage, and engagement sessions that encapsulate the anticipation of your special day. Each package is tailored to match the rhythm of your love story, ensuring your memories are preserved just as you envision.

  • Personalized Approach by NYC Indian Photographers:

No two love stories are alike, so our approach is as unique as your journey. We collaborate closely with you to understand your vision, preferences, and cultural nuances. Your love story is our inspiration, and we ensure that every frame captures the moments you hold dear, reflecting your personality and the magic of your connection.

  • Testimonials and Case Studies:

Don’t just take our word for it; hear from couples who have entrusted us with their NYC Indian weddings. Their stories come alive as they share how our photography has elevated their celebrations. From the joyous haldi ceremony to the emotional vows, our lens has immortalized their love against the captivating canvas of NYC.

  • Photography Highlights by NYC Indian Photographers:

Step into our gallery and witness the symphony of colors, emotions, and traditions that define Indian weddings in NYC. Vibrant sarees, intricate jewelry, and heartfelt moments are skillfully captured in each frame. The city’s iconic landmarks serve as a backdrop, enhancing the beauty and significance of your love story.

  • Cultural Sensitivity and Experience:

Your Indian wedding is a tapestry woven with cultural threads. Our experienced team navigates the rich tapestry of traditions, faiths, and customs with sensitivity and respect. We take pride in celebrating your heritage in every photograph, preserving the authenticity that makes your love story unique.

  • Easy Booking Process:

Ready to embark on this journey with us? Getting started is as effortless as the love you share. Reach out to us, and our friendly team will guide you through the booking process, answering any questions you may have. Your NYC Indian wedding deserves nothing but the best; we’re here to make that a reality.

In the heart of the city that never sleeps, your love story will shine bright, captured forever by NYC Indian Photographers. We invite you to celebrate your love, culture, and unique journey. Let our lens narrate the chapters of your love story against the vibrant backdrop of New York City. Contact us today to begin your adventure in preserving moments that will be cherished for lifetimes.

FAQ – Answering Your Questions

How do you capture the essence of NYC in our wedding photographs?

With a deep understanding of NYC’s iconic landmarks and the ability to blend them seamlessly with your wedding moments, we create photographs that beautifully encapsulate the city’s energy alongside the intimacy of your celebration.

What sets NYC Indian Photographers apart from others?

Our unique blend of cultural sensitivity, expertise in Indian wedding traditions, and familiarity with NYC’s dynamic landscape sets us apart. We honor your heritage while celebrating the urban backdrop that makes your love story one-of-a-kind.

How can we customize our wedding photography package to fit our story?

We believe your love story deserves a tailor-made approach. Our team collaborates closely with you to understand your vision, allowing us to craft a photography package that perfectly mirrors your journey, from pre-wedding to the grand day.

At NYC Indian Photographers, we don’t just capture moments; we celebrate your love story and the vibrancy of NYC. Your union is a tale waiting to be told, a journey ready to be preserved in every frame. Let our expertise, personalized approach, and commitment to cultural authenticity be the foundation of your wedding memories. Reach out to us today, and let’s embark on this remarkable journey together.

Discover Timeless Snaps by Elite Indian Photographers in NYC

Professional Indian photographers in NYC at Candlelight Photography Studio provide Budget-Friendly Digital photography and Cinematography services for Religious South Asian and Modern Western Weddings. Dive into a world where every click captures a story and every frame holds an emotion. With NYC’s elite Indian photographers, every moment becomes timeless. Experience photography that preserves memories and tells tales of love, joy, and tradition. Discover the artistry that sets them apart. Capturing the sweetest moments, recording new life chapters since 2000. CandleLight Studio will make your wedding day last forever.

Amazing Portraits by Indian Wedding Photographers in NYC

The Ultimate Guide to Traditional Indian Wedding Photography

3 Best Video Highlights Reel by Indian Videographer of New York

Dive into a collection of 100 spellbinding wedding moments masterfully captured by NYC’s top-tier Indian photographers. Every frame encapsulates the essence of love, tradition, and joy, offering a mesmerizing visual journey through the most cherished day of couples in the heart of New York City. Experience excellence with each click!

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Indian Videographers NY
Destination weddings and elopement package for your Big Day

4 Best Great Value Wedding Photography Packages and Prices

Best wedding photography prices and Hollywood-style editing

  • Choose the package that offers the most value for your special day, and we will send you a customized quote.
  • Date of your special day
  • Timings you would need our services
  • Locations of your events

Unforgettable Memories: Explore Our Wedding Photography Packages
Preserve the magic of your special day with our meticulously crafted wedding photography packages.

Wedding Photography at Unbeatable Prices by Indian Photographers

  • Get More for Your Money with Affordable Wedding Photography Packages
  • Unique Wedding Photo Albums Tailored Just for You
  • Cinematic Wedding Video Highlight Reels: An Unforgettable Journey
  • Expertly edited Full-length footage capturing moments of your memorable event.
  • The edited video features dynamic titles, special effects, and songs harmoniously paired with your event.
  • Share the Joy with Loved Ones: Live Stream Your Special Moments
  • Drone Flying Cameras: Elevate Your Wedding Experience
  • Unleash the Full Potential of Your Memories
  • Complimentary Online Gallery: An Artistic Showcase
  • Make Your Wedding Unforgettable with CandleLight Studio
  • Book Your Unforgettable Wedding Experience Now!

Contact us today to reserve your date and secure the most enchanting wedding photography experience.

Let Indian Photographers be your trusted partner in capturing the magic of your love story.


BASIC Package

4 Hours of Digital Photography

All High-Resolution Photos without watermarks, Delivered Online

FREE UPLOAD of selected photos on the Internet


BRONZE Package

4 hours of High Definition Videography

UnEdited High Definition Video Footage Delivered Online

FREE UPLOAD of selected video clips on the Internet

Photos | Video

SILVER Package

4 Hours of Digital Photography and High Definition Videography

All High-Resolution Photos without watermarks, Delivered Online

UnEdited High Definition Video Footage Delivered Online

FREE UPLOAD of selected photos on the Internet

Photos | Video | Album

GOLDEN Package

4 Hours of Digital Photography and 4K Videography

1 Flush Mount Photo Album – size 12″x36″ (25 Pages/50 Sides) with Plexiglas Acrylic Cover

5~10 Minutes Video Highlights Reel

FULL Length Edited Video (Dynamic Titles, Special Effects, and Matching Songs), Delivered on USB Drive and Online

All High-Resolution Photos without watermarks, Delivered on USB Drive and Online

USB Drives are Playable on Smart TVs, Computers, Laptops, Tablets, etc., with USB input

Free Online Photo Gallery

FREE UPLOAD of selected photos and Video Highlights on the Internet

Best Stunning photos by Indian Wedding Photographers in NYC

Indian Photographers New York

Why are wedding photography and videography important?

NYC Elopement Photographer

It’s 2021. It’s the age of social media like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, and Tik Tok. Today, there are more than 4.14 billion users across these social media platforms which is basically just 53% of the world’s total population. In a few year’s time, we might be seeing virtually the whole world online like that green dot over your messenger account saying “Active Now”.

With this increased usage and popularity of social media, photos and videos have become very important aspects of our lives. In fact, photography tips have been going viral over Tik Tok. Indian Wedding Photographers in NYC like us are sharing our craft through social media. Well, part of it is because we want to share our passion but also because we’re tired of seeing the awkward poses and poorly-composed photos. You get the point.

Also, notice how people have always been referring to anyone taking their picture or how most businesses would often describe their place as “Instagrammable” or in other words “it looks so aesthetic, you get a nice photo, and a lot of people will like it.” You can even hear influencers taking hours just to get that perfect shot because they’re doing it for the Gram.

But for a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity like tying the knot, these photos and videos are not just simply important because they’re something to be posted and liked by people. They’re important because you want these frozen moments to relive the warmth of the memories like you’re traveling back in time with them. You want to share these photos with people and let them become part of the experience albeit they’re not there with them physically.

To some, wedding photography could just be an easy decision that they could make at the last minute. But remember that out of everything in a wedding that will stand the tide of time, it will just be the photos and videos of that day. The food will be gone, some of the people who may have been part of your special day could no longer be there with you, but these frozen memories will always be there to look back whenever you feel like doing so.

CandleLight swears to make your big day something that you can look at and feel back like you’re still feeling those butterflies in your tummy and overwhelming happiness in your hearts. Aside from that, we are also very experienced in cultural weddings popular in the South Asian region. Founded by an Indian photographer, we give high respect to the wedding rituals and customs that these couples believe in. We are aware of the different events that happen through the wedding and we are known to deliver photos that fully capture the significance of these moments.

Photojournalistic Shots
Indian Photographers Staten Island

What is the role of a wedding photographer and videographer?

Artistic Wedding Photography

They say falling in love is something you don’t completely expect, albeit there’s an influence of probably an unconscious choice. It’s like everything gravitates together: attraction, compatibility, and timing. You find yourself really overwhelmed by the butterflies in your stomach.

When you start to get to know each other, you or most people would usually commemorate this with the 2002 trend of selfies or the newer ones called boomerangs. You take tons of them and post them online. Sometimes, it’s even like a way of making things official.

As time goes on, the both of you develop a deeper connection. Selfies are still a thing but there is also another story starting to unfold. This one is a new chapter for both of you. Interestingly, couples take candid photos and videos of each other during this phase because the awkwardness is starting to fade. Comfort jumps in and allows you to be you. It can be a candid photo or video while eating out, a wacky face the other does when they sleep, or just mindless, fleeting moments you share in silence.

And somehow, it brings a whole more perspective into a relationship. Not only is it a way of cherishing time together, but it’s also seeing oneself into the eyes of another. Yes, a photograph can speak that much.

When you decide to tie the knot, it’s not just about taking selfies or candid photos you can look back again when you have kids. It’s about encapsulating everything about that special day into a memory of photos and videos which includes the two of you standing in the same frame.

This is where professional Indian wedding photographers in NYC like us come in.

First of all, professional photographers like us are equipped with the best equipment to capture your moments in high resolution. Especially now that we’re in the digital age, resolution matters.

The role we play is to document your day like the highlight reel of your life from an outsider’s point of view. We are with you to capture the most special moments like the bride walking down the aisle and the groom waiting nervously and excitedly at the altar.

We are with you to capture the people around you, their shared joy for this holy union. We are with you to capture the whole family smiling, beating any of your best family shoots.

Our role is to give you a bit of that feeling on your special day when you look back at all the photos and videos. Our role is to immortalize your wedding day like a fairytale story for generations and generations to see.

Photography Trends
Indian Photographers Brooklyn

How do you choose the best wedding photography service?

Fine Art Wedding Photography

Now that you are aware of how important wedding photography is and what exactly is the role of a wedding photographer, we’re here to give you the steps and a few tips in choosing one for your special day. We all know it can be difficult to find one especially if you’re new to this and juggling a lot of other planning.

Know your style
More often than not, most couples are detailed when it comes to threads and crystals on the bridal dress or how the food should taste like absolute perfection. It’s not bad to be detailed about those things although taking your time to know your style in terms of wedding photography should also be one of those details that you should carefully plan out as well.

For photographers like us, we work within our creativity and balance it out with the client’s vision. But the best way to stay intact to a vision of the story you want to tell in your photos is to take inspiration before you scout potential wedding photographers. That way you don’t just squeeze into what wedding photographers can offer instead you can take control of how you want your photos expressed.

But how do you really know your style?
One way to do this is to take a style inspiration. With the internet, there are lots of platforms and sites that offer this.

You can take inspiration from other weddings you have attended. Don’t worry about being the same with them because it will never actually be the same. Weddings all have different auras and energy. Inspiration does not mean that your photos will turn out exactly like theirs.

You can also look through celebrity weddings posted on Instagram or uploaded on YouTube. Thanks to the digital age, many stars are uploading footage of their weddings. You don’t have to take in every detail of their style. You can simply get some details and add them to your own.

If you’re not a fan of celebrities or weddings you’ve attended before, one great platform to look for inspiration is Pinterest. It is a visual discovery engine that collects photos, gifs, and videos from different social media platforms. Here, it’s very easy to search for style inspirations and a wide range of options as well.

How to use Pinterest?
Pinterest allows you to create mood boards where you can pin photo inspirations to see it as a whole. You don’t have to delve into the specifics of each photo. What you want to know is how these photos generally appeal to you. It’s like taking out the spirit and putting that as your own.

NYC City Hall Weddings
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7 Best Styles of Different types of wedding photography

Indian Wedding Photographers in NYC and NJ

01 Traditional
One thing about traditional photography is that it never goes out of style. Fifty or even 60 years later, these photos will still look good. It’s like that classic little black dress by Chanel that most ladies keep in their closets.

It’s straightforward (can be boring for some), typically shot at eye level, posed a bit like your class photos (although not as stiff), and not highly creative. But it’s very simple. And for family portraits, the traditional style works well with less dynamic movements and more room for direction on composition and even how to pose.

In weddings today, there’s no need to stick solely to one style as long as the photographer can cater to your needs. Traditional photography is often mixed in with other styles so you can opt for a few select shots.

02 Photojournalistic
Also known as the documentary style, this style evokes the most heartfelt and memorable photos. These are usually taken candidly like capturing moments as they unfold. This has been a commonly adopted style by photographers since it’s very refreshing and natural.

This style can be used intermittently within the day to capture the details of the ceremony, the cocktail hour, and the reception. This way there’s no disturbance or calling people out to gather for a photo. It allows a seamless style of capturing the moment with the bride and groom and their visitors able to fully enjoy the moment.

03 Fine Art
When you look over photos and videos of your wedding day, you might be hit by a strong sense of nostalgia. And this is exactly what Fine Art photography feels like as it is commonly associated with a film kind of style. But this isn’t the film with lens flare and light leaks. This is the film that conveys an idea, a message, an emotion.

Fine Art photography uses a word or a statement as a theme where they build a consistent world around it. Its final product shows a series of photographs that are different yet so similar in details with each other. Looking at it as a whole, you see not hundreds or thousands of pictures but one single conveyed emotion.

It’s softer and delicate than straight digital styles and also definitely cleaner.

04 Editorial
When people say editorial, surely flashes of America’s Next Top Model plastered over covers of big fashion magazines is what you would normally think of. And you’re right. Editorial is exactly like how you’d see them in magazines. They are much more posed but highly creative with the end goal of achieving a high-end, luxury feel.

This is on the opposite end of the wedding photography spectrum. It’s new and it’s rare but there are a few who have already specialized in this style and even perfected it. In fact, most of these photographers have taken their business to new heights with this.

If you’re looking to get your wedding photographs on the pages of fashion magazines, this might be the perfect one for you.

05 Dark and Moody
This aesthetic has become increasingly popular among many couples and even fashion magazines are following the trend. Also known as mystic light or also chiaroscuro (Italian term blended from the words chiar meaning light and oscuro meaning dark), this style is used to depict a strong contrast between light and dark. It often creates a very dramatic effect.

The dark and moody style is touching and very thought-provoking. In the context of weddings, this style deviates from the romantic and natural and goes in for a stronger presence and edgier aesthetic.

06 Aerial
More commonly known as drone photography, this style gives more depth and coverage to the photos. They’re also great for videography which creates a different and bigger perspective from what we usually see.

The catch with this style is that it’s an added equipment and not all wedding photography services offer this. And if they do, you should expect an upcharge.

07 Landscape
This is not a very popular style for weddings and it’s usually just a couple of shots in a gallery. But this works perfectly well for highly scenic locations like the mountains and the beaches. This is a common style for adventurous scenes wherein the bride and groom are framed beautifully with nature as their backdrop.

CandleLight Studio is a team of Indian wedding photographers in NYC, New Jersey, and Texas. We are a group of photographers who you can completely trust on your special day. We’re easy to work with like a one-stop-shop, stress-free. Let’s face it. New York rates can be very expensive and we understand that. That is why we offer budget packages but don’t worry, we don’t compromise quality.
Our wedding photography packages come in 4 sizes: Basic Package, Bronze Package, Silver Package, and Golden Package.

Wedding Photography Style
Indian Photographers Bronx

Do your homework. Research your potential photographers.

Fantastic Wedding Videographers

We’re sure that we have all recently fallen into the trap of online shopping. And one of the skills we may have mastered doing this is doing our own research on products that we intend to buy. This goes the same for wedding photographers. The reason why you need to do proper research is that you’re spending money on a service that will define your wedding years after. Again, photos and videos will be all that would be left of that special day.

Researching photographers and knowing your style will help narrow down your search and will help you make better, informed choices.

Here are some tips on how to jumpstart your search.
01. The easiest and one of the most reliable is to reach out to other married couples and ask them about their recommendations. Since they’ve been through the process, they can offer more than just star ratings left on a website. Specifically, ask them how they felt during the shoots and were they satisfied with how the photos turned out. You can ask them if they can show you a bit of the photo to give you a good idea of their work.

Note that it is possible that a wedding photographer fits the style of one couple and works well with them but it’s not always the case.

02. Ask about recommendations from wedding venues or specifically your wedding venue. They have handled a lot of weddings and events and it’s possible that they have a network of wedding photographers that have been hired by others. They can also give you information on some of them.

03. If you have a wedding coordinator, he/she has to have an extensive network as well. You can ask for his/her recommendation. While this can be just a simple referral, coordinators are very careful since they’re vouching for that service. In this type of industry, your reputation is as good as what other people say about you.

04. Brand demand. Popularity says something about the quality of work that they deliver. They’re definitely worth the time to consider. Although the catch is that, most popular brands also have expensive price tags on their works.

From there, you can start checking their social media presence – Facebook, Instagram, and youtube would be the most likely platforms where you can find photographers like us. Since we create visual portfolios of our works, we need platforms that are catered to images and videos.

Tip: Aside from social media, quality and reliable wedding photographers or photography services have a dedicated website where they can feature their works. If there’s none, it is a red flag.

Meet with them or set an interview.
What you need to know is that a wedding photographer will work alongside you throughout the day. They will be capturing your most intimate moments and probably not your most intimate ones, too. They will practically be near you the whole time. And because of that, more than the quality of work you should consider how comfortable you are with them.

Meeting with them or setting up an interview will help you gauge them. And that also goes the other way. For photographers like us, as much as we want to work and help couples make a special memory of their day, we don’t want to work with people we are not also comfortable with. Most especially those who are difficult to work with.

A meeting (whether physical or online) can help establish initial trust and rapport between you and the photographer. During this meeting, it’s important that you try and get to know about the photographer as well as give an overview of what you want to happen at your wedding.

Review and compare
Most of the time, you can like a portfolio but not the whole wedding gallery. That is simply because portfolios are curated with the best photos like an Instagram photo that has been filtered out of hundreds of photos and won that space in your feed.

Full albums can give you a more in-depth insight into their work and whether they really fit your style or not. Again, as we’ve mentioned before, you shouldn’t try to squeeze into a style that’s just available or expect photographers to change their style for you.

Tip: A good photographer does not mean that he/she would fit you and your style. That’s okay. They work within their creative “box” and you have your stylistic direction. You can only stretch so much to accommodate (and vice versa).

After reviewing the quality of their work and whether they fit your vision, assess if you’re comfortable working with them. You can’t get really good photos if you do not have a good working relationship with the person behind the lens. Don’t compromise that.

Lastly, compare packages and prices.

If you’re interested in our service, you can contact us here. We can provide you with a quotation so please provide us the following details as well: Date, Time, and Location.

NYC Wedding Photographer
Indian Photographers Long Island

Here are few points you could use with a photography studio.

5 points to discuss with a photographer

Point 1: Know more about their style. At this point, you only know about their work at a certain point of what you have researched about them. Let them introduce their brand and what they do, their strongest suit, their experience, and all of that.

Point 2: Since you already know what style you like and you put them on your shortlist because they align with what you like, it’s good to now talk about your wedding. How you envision it to be and what are the specific styles that you would like for your shots. And of course, mention the date and location and make sure they’re available.

Tip: Time, date, and location are very important information. Different times of the day need different equipment and strategy. This information would also be helpful for them to give you suggestions and insights.

Point 3: Ask how flexible they can be with the style/s that you like. Make sure that you have a thorough and detailed discussion with this so that it would be easier to compare notes after you’ve done interviewing all of them.

Point 4: Aside from asking about their rate, wedding photography package, and wedding videography package, ask if you can take a look at full wedding albums that you can access and review.

Point 5: If you are sure that they’re not a good fit for you, you can ask them if they have any recommendations. Photographers usually have a network and they are aware of each other’s creative styles. They can direct you to someone who is more your style which makes the search easier.

Tip: One practical thing you can do is to put the meeting correspondence into writing (and email) so that you could go back through it (in any case that there is confusion with anything that has been talked about).

Ask about Photo Rights
More often than not, there have been many cases of debates regarding this. Under the Federal Copyright Act of 1976, photographs are protected by copyright from the moment of creation. Additionally, the US Copyright Office deems any photograph or related works are generally the photographer’s property or in certain situations, the employer of a photographer. That is if he works under a company that provides these services.

Depending on the packages, there are certain rules that photographers like us put in to protect our creative work. Especially now with the digital age, photographers are victims of stolen credit just like many creative artists. This is stipulated in the contracts we draft and will be signed by you and us as well.

Basically, all photos are owned by the photographer and can be used for any promotional activity. Furthermore, there are policies in place in posting digital photos on any social media platform. For example, you can only share watermarked images or images with proper credit on them. If you want to print the photos yourselves or print an album from another source, then you’ll have to buy the rights of the photos.

Tip: To balance out the creative rights of the photographer and yours, a negotiation can be done.

Ask about the timeline of post-processing and the details.
A timeline of deliverables should be drafted into the contract and should be followed closely. This is important because some people like to have their photos right after the wedding. But note that these photos shot from high-end cameras are big files and it will take time to process them. It also takes tedious work to edit out the thousands of photos and hours of video footage. Some photographers take 40 hours just to correct and edit these raw photos. That’s worth weeks of work and not to mention other factors like other events that need to be attended.

On our part as photographers, we will make sure to follow our deadlines. On your part, it’s important that you understand the work that goes into it. We are here to make your photos perfect and nothing less than that which is why it takes time. Should you want some photos to be released immediately just for posting purposes then a negotiation can be done.

Once you reach a decision on your Indian Wedding Photographers in NYC, it’s time to sign the contracts. This includes the understanding of important details like time, date, and location, a clause about the rights, and the timeline of deliverables just to name a few. Review your contract carefully before signing.

As for payment, there are photographers and companies who require full payment before the start of work. This is to ensure that our business is protected especially that there have been cases wherein people withdraw their booking after all the necessary arrangements and preparations have been done. Also because sometimes even a 50/50 payment method can be abused by clients. After a fifty percent deposit, some clients don’t follow through with the other 50%.

While this is not always the case, it presents a problem that has made wedding photography services putting in more safety precautions for their business.

Engagement Session Bridal

Perfect Indian wedding photographer Surinder Singh

What Do You Get When You Choose an Affordable Indian Wedding Photographer Surinder Singh?

NY Wedding Photographer and Videographer Surinder Singh have been photographing and videotaping precious moments of weddings and events of various nationalities and religious backgrounds for over 20 years.

The American Wedding Group has also recognized him as a culturally sensitive professional wedding photographer.

Surinder Singh values all religions and cultures. Whether it is a traditional South Asian Wedding or a modern Western Wedding, he uniquely captures the ceremony for generations to cherish.

CandleLight Studio, the Indian Wedding Photographers in NYC NJ, offers flexible budget packages for pre-wedding, engagement, and wedding photography in New York, New Jersey, and surrounding areas.

Book today and save 5% on your wedding photography package for local or destination weddings.

Traditional photographer for wedding photography coverage

FAQs: 7 most important questions about wedding photography

Everything you need to know about wedding photography: learn more about the art of capturing the sweetest moments of your special day.

Let’s celebrate your life’s grandest moment. Candlelight Studio’s Indian wedding photographers in NYC specialize in South Asian Indian brides and grooms’ unique needs. We understand your culture and add excitement to your celebrations.

We have covered a vast repertoire of weddings from American, Jewish, and Latino weddings to South Asian Indian, Guyanese, Pakistani, Bangladeshi, and a variety of others.

Thriving in an industry such as this for so long with thousands of clients in our gallery speaks of our dedication to the craft and the trust of the people who have come to us. We capture timeless and fascinating images that you will cherish for your lifetime.

We know what to expect throughout the wedding day. Rest assured, we won’t miss anything! Contact us today to learn more about photographing your magical day while you are tying the knot.

Are you getting married? Or having some similar event that is coming up in the near future? And looking for professional photographers for your big day?
Thank you for stopping by, we assure you will not regret it.

About Us:

We are a team of Indian wedding photographers in NYC, who started their journey back in 2000. It was all started by Surinder Singh and is successfully going on as a result of efforts and teamwork. We provide wedding photography and videography services in New York and New Jersey areas.

We are proud to say that we have successfully covered over 1100 weddings and events and counting more. We create an informal atmosphere to capture the real feelings and emotions of the couple that they cherish forever.

We cover all types of Gujarati wedding events including pre-marriage celebrations, bridal showers, engagement ceremonies, and of course the main wedding events.

Candlelight photography studio offers wedding couples a vast number of options including bridal party photoshoot, portrait photo session, candid shots, Drone coverage, and posed photography portraits to choose from for their wedding memories.

When searching for your potential photographer, right here are some preliminary questions that you must ask yourself:

  • Does their artistic style align with mine? Or do I find anything I like in their featured photos that is worth the try to explore that option?
  • If they have standard pricing listed on their site or social media, is it within my budget range?
  • Are the reviews about them, good? And if there were bad ones, are those really bad or not?
  • Are they booked for the day of my wedding?

At the end of your research, it’s good to narrow down your choices to at least 3-5 potential photographers.

So, Are you ready to preserve your memories forever?
Hire us today to make your special moments even more special!
Indian Wedding photographers New York

No unpleasant filters- No gimmicks- Find timeless images of pre-wedding photography.

To our wedding photographers, photography is classic art. We have taken much time to learn this skill. However, without the co-operation of our clients, we may not be successful. A wedding shoot will be successful when we combine your confidence and encouragement with our knowledge and skill.

We know that your wedding day is the most crucial event in your life. That’s why you like to capture photos of that day. However, pre-wedding moments are also precious to the would-be brides and grooms. We can notice a strange curiosity in the eyes of the buddings. The wedding rings, the warm touch of two hands, and the kiss- everything is a part of our pre-wedding portraits. But, there are some more reasons for which we ask our clients to choose our pre-wedding and engagement photography.

Questions to ask Your Indian wedding photographers in NYC

What is a reasonable price for a photographer?

On average, freelance photographers charge between $1500 and $1800 for event photography.

What is included in wedding photography packages?

Most studios include digital jpg photos, event highlights reel with a newlyweds photo album.

Do you provide video coverage?

Yes, we do provide videography services. Our wedding films are memorable, surprising, and charming to viewers.

Do you photograph non-weddings events?

At Candlelight Studios, we cover a wide range of events, including; Weddings, Sweet 16 and coming-of-age Ceremonies, Graduation Parties, Birthdays, Pre-wedding and Engagement Parties, Receptions, Bar and Bat Mitzvahs, Stage performances, and more.

How many images do we get?

For a four-hour event, you will get between 400 to 600 digital pictures. All pictures are delivered on a USB drive.

So when do we see the pictures?

You will get a link to low-resolution images within a week from the event date. And all high-resolution images without watermarks on a USB flash drive within two weeks from the event date.

Can you change your style for our wedding?

CandleLight Studio is a New York-based wedding photography service that caters to a range of styles. But our strongest suit is bringing out the romance in the photos like it’s a tangible feeling you can feel off of the picture.
Real Wedding Photos of South Asian weddings in NY and NJ

Top Video and Photos by Indian Wedding Photographers in NYC

Virtual wedding photography and video packages and prices

Beautiful Bridal Portrait at Small Virtual Marriage Ceremony

Wedding rituals and ceremonies are one of the common parts of every culture. New York weddings create a bond between two persons who love each other and like to live together. Soon-to-be couples like the photography style used by Indian wedding photographers in NYC.

Sikh Wedding Photography NYC
7 Ways to take Sikh wedding photos

The latest fashion and wedding trends for the women with stylish minds pour countless hours to find suitable venues and reliable vendors for their big day. Wedding Photojournalist Association connects wedding professionals from around the world.

For virtual marriages, finding the best wedding photographers in the business listing directory of the famous New York magazine “the cut” is relatively easy.

Nothing can prevent the union of two souls. Then, why should the recent pandemic be the barrier to marriage ceremonies? Lots of restrictions and social distancing rules have introduced the trend of virtual weddings. We have already served several clients for virtual wedding photography services in Central Park and other gardens in New York City.

However, you may continue the virtual wedding trend when the world is free of COVID-19. In most cases, brides and grooms pour countless hours to find the right venues and reliable vendors. But, with a virtual marriage, you can save this effort. Hire our Indian photographers for photographing your virtual wedding with small gatherings.

We have the best set of videography equipment to stream your wedding ceremony. Your close relatives who do not attend your ceremony for travel restrictions can watch your virtual wedding video remotely. We use the most advanced virtual platforms that enable your guests to watch the wedding event from their digital devices.

Our professional standard gears will allow us to deliver the best digital content to our clients. Enjoy your virtual weddings and capture every moment of your special day. We specialize in beach weddings.

  • Capture birds-eye view beautiful videos with drones

As we are fearless photographers and videographers, we like to take the challenge of applying the latest videography trends. Our aerial cinematography with drones helps us in capturing footage at some elevated angles.

The little unmanned aerial device drone can add a wow factor to your videos. You will find a movie-style zest in your wedding videos. It may be a seaside wedding or a wedding in a rustic setting. Our drone-based videography will capture everything with its incredible technology.

Without raising the videography cost, we can offer drone filming solutions for your wedding party. We offer engagement, proposal, and wedding photography in Brooklyn, NY, and Videography for NYC Weddings.

Finding the right time for engagement and pre-wedding portraits with Indian wedding photographers in NYC?

Most of the young couples choose the day before their wedding day for the engagement photography. However, the weather condition and the natural backdrop’s beauty will play a role in outdoor photography for the pre-wedding sessions.

We think that the best seasons for pre-wedding photography in New York City are:

  • Spring

After a long chilly winter season, we Indian wedding photographers in NYC welcome the lovely spring season. The winter season is brutal in New York, and you may not like the frigid weather. Spring is the season of Cherry Blossoms, and we find nature with a lush green dress. Thus, you can choose a site with full of colorful flowers and find the pre-wedding photos with an attractive background.

  • Summer

You may think constant sweating in the summer season may be a problem during photoshoot. However, when our clients choose the summer season, we Indian wedding photographers in NYC prefer the early morning for the pre-wedding photoshoot. It is the best way to escape the scorching heat. Parks and cobblestone streets have no crowd, and we click your photos at the right place.

  • Autumn

We Indian wedding photographers in NYC always associate this season with romanticism. While focusing on the bride and groom, we capture the breathtaking beauty of nature. Moreover, the crispy air can make those couples more romantic. Find the iconic pre-wedding photos in the season of Fall.

We Indian wedding photographers in NYC present you with iconic images that reveal your love.

Love is the best gift you will get from your life partner. Our desires and passions drive us to capture that real love among couples. These unique qualities act as a force to keep us engrossed in the photography session. We have a mission of preserving important events, the environment, and the emotions of the Big Day.

Our Indian wedding photographers in NYC will let you visualize your wedding day in the way you have desired. With noteworthy imageries, we narrate your love story. However, to serve every client, we go through 3 simple steps.

  • Make a scheme

We will converse and connect with you during our consultation session. You can share with us everything that you need for wedding photography. We Indian wedding photographers in NYC will inform you how we will preserve your precious moments.

  • Visualize the wedding photography

We are the most trusted Indian wedding photographers in NYC, and we can elevate the quality of your photos. When the consultation is over, we start envisaging the way we will work for you.

  • Click your photos

As we are a team of Indian wedding photographers in NYC, we assign tasks to every member. While some of them snap photos of brides and bridesmaids, others are busy photographing family members, relatives and other guests. It enables us to capture the picture-perfect moments on your wedding day.

We are not only photographers but also directors. We will direct you on how to take the right pose.

Videography for your Mehndi party by Indian wedding photographers in NYC

Do you like to showcase your elaborate Mehndi designs on your hands? Bridesmaids also participate in these Mehndi rituals, and we Indian wedding photographers in NYC think videography is the best option for these pre-wedding festivities. We incorporate the candid footage into your wedding video.

Videography for sangeet event by Indian wedding photographers in NYC

When the real party mood is created with the Sangeet, we Indian wedding photographers in NYC start preparing our videography equipment. The primary purpose of this celebration is to anticipate the real wedding party.

Our video will capture the performances of your friends and relatives. We will arrive at your venue at least 10 to 20 minutes before the beginning of the Sangeet and wedding events in Houston Texas.

Videography for Baraat by Indian wedding photographers in NYC

It is a fun-filled day enjoyed by grooms. In most Indian weddings, we Indian wedding photographers in NYC find grooms with a unique ride, and we will surely capture the scene. Friendly elephants adorned intricately, beautiful horses, and elegant Limos decorated with flowers- these are some common scenes.

Our cameras and videography systems will always be turned on to track the music and festive atmosphere. We Indian wedding photographers in NYC feel that we have become a part of the ceremony, like Baraat.

  • Brooklyn Botanic Garden Photography by Indian wedding photographers in NYC

This 52-acre garden has a large amount of space to accommodate 125 guests. Couples may arrange their wedding ceremonies at Cranford Rose Garden, Osborne Garden, and Pond Garden.

  • Wave Hill

It is a green estate with historic structures, romantic gardens, and stunning views of New Jersey Palisades. You will feel best from the garden-side celebration. Moreover, this venue is easily accessible to guests coming from Connecticut and Westchester.

  • Historic Barns of Nipmoose

It is a highly restored barn with gorgeous wide-open surroundings. The courtyard, grove, pond, and overlooking farm fields are best for photoshoots.

  • New York City Hall

The best destination to get married in NYC is the City Hall. There is a need to make your reservation, and you have to show some documents, like a credit card and government-issued photo ID. Although we are a team of Indian wedding photographers in NYC, we work closely with our clients. We can also become a witness to your wedding formalities.

We Indian wedding photographers in NYC can help you to find different other wedding venues in New York where you will find the real beauty of your photoshoot. Our professional background and knowledge about photography enable us to view everything from different perspectives. While the wedding venue is new to you, our destination South Asian wedding photographers will make you feel comfortable during the photo shoot.

Since the day we have started our wedding photography journey, we Indian wedding photographers in NYC have visited different venues in New York. While some couples have engaged us for a one-day celebration, others need photography services for weeklong events.

What Makes Us Distinguished Indian wedding photographers in NYC?
We have been immensely successful for the last two decades as the best Indian wedding photographers in NYC. Here’s what makes us distinguished wedding photographers and the reasons why you should hire us for your D-day:

Elaborate Discussion and Planning by Indian wedding photographers in NYC
At Candlelight Studio, we Indian wedding photographers in NYC go through elaborate discussion and planning with our clients before the wedding day. We do not like to impose anything on our clients as every couple has a different vision and dream.

We Indian wedding photographers in NYC like to listen to whatever you have to say, giving you our valuable inputs coming from years of experience. Together, we can sort out a plan of action that takes you the closest to your dream wedding photography album.

We also go into consultation regarding the venue and the couple’s photoshoots. Also, we do not wait for the event day to arrive with our photography equipment.

We Indian wedding photographers in NYC conduct a prior recce of the venue to understand the light requirements and develop innovative ideas for the best frames. Scouting the location helps us to bring out the best of the venue on the wedding day.

Candlelight photography by Indian wedding photographers in NYC

As a team of professional Indian wedding photographers in NYC, we love chasing lights. Lights can bring a magical transformation of an ordinary photo.

Natural light has its own beauty. Artificial lighting systems best for their adjustability. However, have you thought of capturing a candlelight photoshoot? A bride’s look becomes more beautiful in the candlelight. We are versatile Indian wedding photographers in NYC skilled in candlelight photography in New York Studio.

As you come to our candlelight photography studio, we use our creativity and imagination to unleash your hidden beauty. The warm light from the candles replaces other light sources, including the camera flash. You can find an orange and red tone in your portrait.

However, the success in candlelight photography lies in the right placement of candles. As we Indian wedding photographers in NYC capture candlelight photos, you will find prominent colors in them. Moreover, we maintain the balance of whiteness and the saturation level of other colors.

Candlelight photography is more challenging than standard photography. However, we Indian wedding photographers in NYC know the best tricks to make this photo session more successful.

  • No camera shakes- We place our camera on some stable surface to avoid blurry photos.
  • No movement of the subject- When you move during our photography, you will find smudged photos. Thus, you must not move your body parts and avoid blinking your eyes.
  • Minimize flickering- Flickering is not 100% avoidable. Still, we try to reduce the flickering effects by preventing the blow of wind in the photographing spot.

We Indian wedding photographers in NYC know that lighting is a special art, and we have learned the basic candle positioning rules. Our photographers are conscious of how lighting angles create different effects and shades.

For instance, low-positioned candles to your face may result in scary effects. A candle at your height creates a softer and warmer effect. Multiple candles during the photoshoot help in eliminating unwanted shades.

Thus, hire our wedding photography professionals at Indian Bangladeshi wedding photographers in NYC and let us reveal your dazzling beauty in the candlelight photoshoot.

We engage multiple Indian wedding photographers in NYC for wedding ceremonies.

Why do we choose at least 2 photographers for your bridal party? While one of our Muslim photographers is busy with the groom’s reaction, the other one will snap the bride’s photo. Similarly, at your reception party, one photographer will shoot dancing and fun activities, another will take the group shots.

Moreover, by engaging multiple Indian wedding photographers in NYC, we can capture photos from different angles. The second shooter also acts as the helper of the major one. While one shooter manages the camera, the other one will deal with the props. Thus, the co-operation of 2 photographers ensures a big success to the photography session.

Solo wedding photographer- Is it the right choice for you?

In some cases, our clients like to hire only one photographer for their Church wedding ceremony in New York.

It is a perfect choice in some situations:

  • You have thought of eloping with your partner, and the wedding venue is very small.
  • You have invited less than 300 guests for a small wedding party.
  • You have chosen one location for everything- from wedding rituals to party.

Now, it’s your decision how you want us to manage your photography session. Check out your photography needs and hire our Indian wedding photographers in NYC.

Destination wedding photography – Our Indian wedding photographers in NYC will travel for you

Does a traditional wedding in India make you feel bored? That’s why you may have chosen NYC venues for a destination wedding. However, with gorgeous cinematography and photography, we Indian wedding photographers in NYC can now capture the picturesque beautify of New York. You can avail of our destination wedding photography at the most reasonable price.

But, why do you choose NYC for your destination wedding?

Small towns, enchanting landscape, stunning mountain ranges, vast fields, and epic forests- these are common scenes in New York. These elements are perfect for a romantic engagement. All couples desire a beautiful natural backdrop in their destination wedding photography. You can collaborate with Indian wedding photographers in NYC to find the perfect spot for your Afghani wedding and bridal photography.

Wedding Photography Packages by Indian wedding photographers in NYC – Pay less, get more

What will you get in our wedding photography packages? We Indian wedding photographers in NYC will amaze you with our packages and pricing. As all brides and grooms have different tastes and preferences, we also offer custom packages. Still, the most common things in our packages include

  • One to two photographers with their assistants
  • Digital files with low to high resolution
  • Pre-wedding photoshoots and engagement party shoots
  • A wedding photo book- price based on the number of images included.
  • Small albums for the parents
  • Post-wedding brunch coverage
  • Drone coverage
  • A special photo booth
  • Live Streaming

Our detail-oriented photography, innovative conceptualization, attention to creativity, and unmatched photography skills make us unique amidst state-of-the-art Indian wedding photographers in NYC.

While we cater to American couples seeking a modern and contemporary wedding album and a classy photoshoot, we also provide services to all Indian communities and extensively cover all the ceremonies. Whether you are having a grand Hindu wedding, a vibrant Sikh wedding or a regal Muslim wedding, we Indian wedding photographers in NYC can capture memories that would last you for a lifetime.

We also specialize in cinematic videography that documents your wedding diaries on screen, creating a movie out of your love story.

Every wedding ceremony is unique because of the different people involved, the different customs, traditions, colors, settings, smiles, a vivid range of emotions throughout the events. Therefore, we Indian wedding photographers in NYC and our camera crew gives in all their efforts not to miss a single moment.

We Indian wedding photographers in NYC understand the nuances associated with weddings in different communities and between people with different ethnic backgrounds. Whether it’s a Punjabi bride dropping her kaleere on her bridesmaids, or a father bidding farewell to the daughter as a bride during the bidai, or the groom slipping the wedding ring at the altar into the bride’s finger.

We Indian wedding photographers in NYC never miss any of these emotional moments. We take care to know and respect all these details, pay attention to them, capture the subtleties of these customs and rituals, and represent them in print to impress all our clientele.

It’s an exhilarating experience each time for Indian wedding photographers in NYC as well to record the candid moments of the baraat, the decking up of the bride, the dances at the sangeet, and the pious pheras around the holy fire. These high-definition recorded clips go through hours of editing at the hands of our skilled videographers to create your wedding movie.

Moreover, we Indian wedding photographers in NYC do not just stop at providing you with sensational photography services for your wedding. We also help you embrace them to old age by providing you with timeless fine art wedding albums.

Bringing Out The Best In People
We Indian wedding photographers in NYC bring out the best in people by catching them candid during the joyous moments. We select the best angles and profiles to make them look good in photographs.

Our Indian wedding photographers in NYC have excellent observation skills to discern the best ways to shoot people at a wedding, concealing their imperfections and capturing their best selves.

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