A couple exchanging vows during a Guyanese wedding ceremony.
Every moment is a brushstroke on the canvas of love. Our Guyanese Wedding Photography captures the heart of your special day.

Guyanese Wedding Photography: Capturing Your Love Story

  • Capturing Forever Moments: Guyanese Wedding Photography that Mirrors Your Love Story

Experience the enchantment of Guyanese Wedding Photography as we weave your unique love story into every frame. From vibrant rituals to candid moments, our Indian photographers capture the heart of your special day. Book now to preserve your unforgettable moments.

Embrace the Emotion: Guyanese Wedding Photography

Welcome to a world where emotions come alive through the lens. Our Guyanese Wedding Photography encapsulates the essence of your love, culture, and traditions. Step into a journey of authentic moments and cherished memories, expertly crafted to tell your unique love story.

A beautifully composed artistic shot from a Guyanese wedding.
Witness the artistry that transforms every frame into a masterpiece, telling your unique love story through photography.

In the tapestry of love and tradition, where the threads of culture are intricately woven with moments of sheer emotion, lies the realm of Guyanese Wedding Photography. At CandleLight Studio, we take immense pride in capturing these moments that shape the narrative of your love story. With the expertise of Indian photographers who understand the nuances of Guyanese wedding ceremonies, we transform each fleeting instant into timeless art. From the radiant smiles during the pre-wedding festivities to the poignant exchange of vows, our lens preserves the heartbeat of your big day.

Capturing the Dance of Light: Guyanese Wedding Videography

  • Eternalizing Passion: Guyanese Wedding Videography that Frames Your Journey Together

Witness the magic unfold with our Guyanese Wedding Videography. From radiant smiles to soulful vows, our skilled videographers capture every moment that weaves your love story. Experience your day in motion, reliving each emotion with every frame.

Step into the world of Guyanese wedding traditions and heartfelt connections, beautifully preserved in this captivating video.

Captivating Guyanese Wedding Moments

Relive the magic of Guyanese wedding traditions, love, and joy in our captivating video highlights.

Heartfelt Guyanese Wedding Highlights

Experience the essence of Guyanese wedding celebrations with our heartfelt video highlights.

Join us in celebrating the heartfelt moments, vibrant traditions, and boundless love of Guyanese weddings in this enchanting video.

Embracing Guyanese Wedding Photography

Each snapshot is a chapter in the saga of your love, and our Guyanese Wedding Photography is the pen that writes it. Our lenses are not mere observers; they are storytellers who infuse emotion into each frame. As you embark on this enchanting journey of love, culture, and tradition, allow us to be your companions, capturing the intricate details, candid moments, and raw emotions that make your day unforgettable.

Vibrant Guyanese Wedding Ceremonies

A couple sharing a quiet moment during a Guyanese wedding.
In every candid moment, the unseen emotions come alive, revealing the depth of your love story.

Your love story unfolds within the rich tapestry of Guyanese wedding ceremonies. From the vivacity of Guyanese Hindu weddings to the solemnity of Guyanese Christian weddings and the grace of Guyanese Muslim weddings, every ritual reflects the depth of your connection. Our Indian photographers bring an innate understanding of these traditions, ensuring that each photograph encapsulates the essence of your cultural heritage.

Guyanese Wedding Moments Frozen in Time

A bride and groom are embracing amidst vibrant wedding decor.
Amidst vibrant colors and traditions, the bride and groom’s embrace encapsulates the day’s emotion.

Unveiling Romance: Guyanese Wedding Photography that Paints Your Love in Every Shot. In every stolen glance and heartfelt touch lies a world of emotion waiting to be cherished. Our Guyanese Wedding Photography freezes these moments, allowing you to relive them for generations. From the joyous pre-wedding rituals to the emotional exchange of vows, our lens captures the essence of your love story, preserving it as a testament to your journey.

Candid Captures of Love: Guyanese Hindu Wedding

Overall view of a Guyanese wedding ceremony with colorful decorations and rituals.
Explore the vibrant traditions and colors that make Guyanese wedding ceremonies special.

Beyond posed portraits, our lens finds beauty in candid moments—the stolen glances, the shared laughter, and the tender embrace. These authentic moments reflect the genuine emotions that fill your day. As Guyanese photographers, we specialize in capturing these unscripted instances, turning them into treasures that tell your love story without words.

Crafted with Heart and Expertise

Photo Session of the bridal party in Guyanese wedding attire.
The bridal party stands as a symbol of unity and celebration, adding to the joy of the occasion.

Each photograph is a brushstroke in the masterpiece of your love story. Our Indian photographers, skilled in capturing emotions, use their expertise to create visual poetry. The depth of color, the interplay of light and shadow—all orchestrated to encapsulate the emotion of your wedding day.

Preserving Your Love Legacy

Whispering Love Through Lenses: Guyanese Wedding Photography that Speaks Your Heart Every couple’s love story is unique, and our Guyanese Wedding Photography ensures that your story is preserved in all its uniqueness. With a blend of artistic vision and technical prowess, we create a visual narrative that speaks volumes without uttering words. Your Guyanese wedding traditions become timeless treasures, and your journey of love is forever etched in pixels and prints.

Your Questions, Answered: Guyanese Wedding Photography FAQs

What Does Guyanese Wedding Photography Encompass?

Our Guyanese Wedding Photography is an art that encapsulates the essence of your love story, cultural traditions, and the authentic emotions of your wedding day. We specialize in preserving candid moments, intricate details, and vibrant rituals that make your wedding unique.

Answer: We capture it all, from the vibrant rituals of Guyanese Hindu weddings to the intimate moments of Guyanese Christian weddings and the grace of Guyanese Muslim weddings. Our skilled Indian photographers understand the cultural significance of each tradition, ensuring that every photograph tells a story.

How Do You Capture Authentic Moments?

Authenticity is the cornerstone of our approach. Our photographers blend into the background, allowing the natural flow of events to unfold. Candid glances, shared laughter, and heartfelt embraces are captured organically, reflecting the genuine emotions of your day.

Answer: We prioritize genuine moments over posed shots. By understanding your love story and the dynamics of your wedding, we anticipate candid moments, ensuring that the resulting photographs are authentic and full of emotion.

Can You Accommodate Destination Weddings?

Absolutely. Our team of Indian photographers is available to capture your Guyanese wedding photography no matter where your love story takes you. Whether it’s the bustling streets of New York City, the scenic beauty of Long Island, or the charm of Houston, Texas, we’re there to encapsulate your special day.

Answer: We are dedicated to preserving your love story, regardless of location. Our team is equipped to travel to various destinations, ensuring that your Guyanese wedding photography is captured with the same passion and expertise, whether in New York, New Jersey, Houston, Texas, or beyond.

Discover the top 5 Guyanese Wedding Photography trends capturing love in New York (NYC), New Jersey (NJ), Houston, Texas (TX), and their surrounding areas. With our Guyanese Wedding Photography, your special day becomes a canvas for emotions—love, joy, and heartfelt connections—all captured with the expertise of Indian photographers who are attuned to the nuances of your culture and traditions. Every photograph is a testament to your unique journey, an ode to your love story that transcends words.

Embrace the magic of Guyanese Wedding Photography and embark on a journey of emotions that will be cherished for generations. Book now to secure a visual narrative of your love story that captures the essence of your big day and the emotions that make it unforgettable. Contact us today to begin your regional wedding photography and videography experience with CandleLight Studio.

Guyanese Wedding Photography by Professional Photographer NY

Affordable Guyanese Wedding Photography Prices and Packages by Professional Indian Photographer Surinder Singh

The Best Guyanese Wedding Photography
Unique Nikah Photos of Guyanese Wedding Photography

Guyanese wedding photography- We capture the union of two souls-

Your Guyanese wedding photography can be more colorful than you have imagined. When you look through your wedding albums, you can revive the best moments of your wedding day. Interestingly, we have served clients for all Guyanese Hindu, Muslim, and Christian weddings. Let us tell you what heartfelt moments we can capture.

  • Guyanese Hindu wedding– We can capture the wedding rites and rituals at both brides’ and groom’s homes. Our event videography and photographers record the traditional drums, songs, and different puja rituals. We take shots of the beautiful bride wearing yellow outfits. Moreover, the ceremonial fire, the red-orange powder, and the elevated wedding platform can draw our photographers’ attention.

Thus, hire our team of Best Indian photographers for wedding video and photoshoot sessions in New York, New Jersey and Houston Texas. We will work closely with other wedding vendors for your bridal party photos.

4 Attractive Photo Packages for Guyanese Wedding Photography

  • Guyanese Muslim Wedding– Our photographers have earned fame for perfect photographing of American-Muslim weddings. The three-day wedding affair constitutes lots of rituals. Our photographers will be present when you sign the marriage license and other formal papers. We have noticed minor differences in how our clients perform their rituals for Guyanese Muslim wedding events. However, we respect your religious rites, and it is our passion to track moments with a camera.

Attractive Photo Package for Guyanese Wedding Photography

  • Guyanese Christian Wedding– Guyanese Christian wedding rituals are slightly different. Still, we know the tricks of capturing the union of the new bride and groom. The big wedding cakes, wedding dresses, and other details are always typical of our wedding photo books.
Amazing Guyanese Wedding Photography
Guyanese Wedding Photography by Fearless Photographers

Colorful and Joyous Guyanese Weddings

Best Guyanese Hindu Wedding Video Highlights Reel by Wedding Videographer Near Me in NYC, NJ, and TX

  • Guyanese Hindu wedding ceremony Videos by Indian Videographers
  • Guyanese Muslim Nikah Wedding Video Highlights Trailer
  • Guyanese Christian Wedding Videos by Indian Videographer
2021 Guyanese Hindu Wedding Ceremony | CandleLight Studio NY
Guyanese Hindu Wedding Ceremony | CandleLight Studio NY | 5 Minutes Video Highlights Reel
Guyanese Wedding Video Highlights | CandleLight Studio NY
Best Priced Guyanese Wedding Photography Videography Packages

4 Best Selling Guyanese Wedding Photography Packages

Hollywood-Style Video Editing of Guyana Wedding

  • Pre-wedding Guyanese wedding rituals like the dharti puja tradition, matikor/maticoor, and wedding photography
  • Bridal Party Photo Shoots
  • Family and Friends Group Photos
  • Flush Mounted Photo Album
  • Drone Photography and Video
  • Live Streaming of Your Wedding Ceremony

Unforgettable Memories: Explore Our Wedding Photography Packages
Preserve the magic of your special day with our meticulously crafted wedding photography packages.

Wedding Photography at Unbeatable Prices by Indian Photographers

  • Get More for Your Money with Affordable Wedding Photography Packages
  • Unique Wedding Photo Albums Tailored Just for You
  • Cinematic Wedding Video Highlight Reels: An Unforgettable Journey
  • Expertly edited Full-length footage capturing moments of your memorable event.
  • The edited video features dynamic titles, special effects, and songs harmoniously paired with your event.
  • Share the Joy with Loved Ones: Live Stream Your Special Moments
  • Drone Flying Cameras: Elevate Your Wedding Experience
  • Unleash the Full Potential of Your Memories
  • Complimentary Online Gallery: An Artistic Showcase
  • Make Your Wedding Unforgettable with CandleLight Studio
  • Book Your Unforgettable Wedding Experience Now!

Contact us today to reserve your date and secure the most enchanting wedding photography experience.

Let Indian Photographers be your trusted partner in capturing the magic of your love story.


BASIC Package

4 Hours of Digital Photography

All High-Resolution Photos without watermarks, Delivered Online

FREE UPLOAD of selected photos on the Internet


BRONZE Package

4 hours of High Definition Videography

UnEdited High Definition Video Footage Delivered Online

FREE UPLOAD of selected video clips on the Internet

Photos | Video

SILVER Package

4 Hours of Digital Photography and High Definition Videography

All High-Resolution Photos without watermarks, Delivered Online

UnEdited High Definition Video Footage Delivered Online

FREE UPLOAD of selected photos on the Internet

Photos | Video | Album

GOLDEN Package

4 Hours of Digital Photography and 4K Videography

1 Flush Mount Photo Album – size 12″x36″ (25 Pages/50 Sides) with Plexiglas Acrylic Cover

5~10 Minutes Video Highlights Reel

FULL Length Edited Video (Dynamic Titles, Special Effects, and Matching Songs), Delivered on USB Drive and Online

All High-Resolution Photos without watermarks, Delivered on USB Drive and Online

USB Drives are Playable on Smart TVs, Computers, Laptops, Tablets, etc., with USB input

Free Online Photo Gallery

FREE UPLOAD of selected photos and Video Highlights on the Internet

The Best Guyanese Wedding Photography Packages.

Expert Guyanese Photographer

Best Guyanese Wedding Photography by Affordable Photographer

100 Best Value Priced Photos of Muslim Wedding Photography

The next package is related to Muslim Wedding Videography in which you will get the video Highlights of what we have captured during 4 hours of your event. In the same way as photos,

Punjabi Photographers
The Best Guyanese Photographers

Colorful Guyanese Wedding Photography by Famous Photographer

Best Muslim Wedding Photographers for Delightful Photography

We make an ongoing relationship with our precious clients who choose us for their wedding events. We provide professional services within your range of budget. Candlelight studio also offers a 5% discount on advance

Punjabi Videographers
Fantastic Guyanese Photographer

Guyanese Wedding Photography by Famous Indian Photographers

100 Best Photography Poses by Muslim Wedding Photographers

Candlelight Studio NY offers professional shoots of your wedding events and cinematic video coverage in highly competitive budget packages.coverage in highly competitive budget packages.

Best Sikh Photographer
Famous Guyanese Videographers

99 Best Priced Bridal Photos of Guyanese Wedding Photography

50 Best Muslim Wedding Photography Poses You, Will Love

We have shot Wedding Celebration at most of the Famous Wedding Venue.

Sikh Wedding Ceremony
Inexpensive Guyanese Wedding Videography

Professional Guyanese Wedding Photography by NY Photographer

Amazing Muslim Wedding Photography and Videography

services, as well as 4K Videography, Drone shots, and photo albums of

Engagement Session
Reliable Guyanese Photographer

100 Best Bridal Portraits of Guyanese Wedding Photography

Professional Photographers for Muslim Wedding Ceremony

Extensive knowledge of beautiful destinations and spots:

Expert Photographers
Affordable Guyanese Wedding Photographers For Best Photography

You Will Love These Best Guyanese Wedding Photography Poses

100 Stunning Nikah Photos by Famous Guyanese Photographers

What is a reasonable price for a wedding photographer?

Professional wedding photographers typically range between $1500 and $3000 to capture the beautiful moments of your special day. Weddings only happen once; there are no reshoots. We offer custom packages that include drone photography and video, which is the new way to capture memories.

What do wedding photography packages include?

The wedding photography package includes a pre-wedding consultation, photography, and video coverage of morning preparations, the ceremony, and the reception. Live streaming of the ceremony on Facebook and YouTube. Online photo gallery and video highlights reel for sharing with your family and friends.

How long have you been photographing Guyanese weddings?

Guyanese wedding photography is our area of expertise. We have been responsibly handling the minute details associated with thousands of rituals that vary across communities and religions for over 20 years.

How do you create great wedding memories?

The wedding photographs are no less than a treasure for all couples and their families. The emotional value attached to the album’s pages far exceeds the monetary value and makes them the dearest possession for the couple throughout their lives.

Can you have some drone footage for the wedding day?

Yes, we offer this new way to capture your memories to document your nuptials by taking creative drone shots. We take a cinematic-style video of a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for your special moments that you will never forget.
Best Indian Photographer Surinder Singh
Surinder Singh The Best Indian Photographer for Guyanese Weddings

Guyanese Weddings by CandleLight Photography Studio NY NJ TX

A bride and groom are embracing amidst vibrant wedding decor.
Amidst vibrant colors and traditions, the bride and groom’s embrace encapsulates the day’s emotion.
Affordable Guyanese Wedding Photographers
Guyanese Wedding Photographers for Astonishing Photography