A photographer captured a heartfelt moment during a Muslim wedding ceremony.
Every click is a journey into the emotional tapestry of Muslim wedding celebrations.

Muslim Wedding Photography: Capturing Eternal Moments

Capture Eternal Moments with Muslim Wedding Photography. Our Services Encompass the Magic of Love and Tradition. Book Us to Turn Your Big Day into Unforgettable Memories.

Cinematic Magic: Muslim Wedding Photography by Pakistanis

Cinematic Magic: Pakistani Photographers Transform Muslim Wedding Photography into a Captivating Tale. Your Love Story Deserves Our Lens.

Muslim Wedding Videography that Immortalizes Every Precious Moment

Preserving Your Love Story: Muslim Wedding Videography with Heart and Soul. Relive Every Moment in Cinematic Detail.

Immerse in our videography – where every frame is a testament to love, emotion, and unmatched craftsmanship in chronicling your special day.

Essence Unveiled: The Beauty of Muslim Weddings

The intricate detailing of henna, the tender emotions shared between bride and groom, the poignant rituals echoing tradition – every element of Muslim weddings, whether Pakistani, Afghan, or Bangladeshi, is a testament to a rich heritage. Our photographers are well-versed in the nuances of each moment, be it the Nikkah’s solemnity, Sangeet’s joyous festivity, or the Baraat’s vibrancy.

Embracing Tradition: Ismaili and Aga Khan Weddings

  • Ismaili and Aga Khan Weddings: Steeped in Tradition

Embrace the unique customs of Ismaili weddings. From the distinct rituals inspired by the Aga Khan to the vibrant ensuing celebrations, our team captures every authentic moment.

Unforgettable Engagement: Prelude to Your Love Story

Candid moments during a Muslim wedding celebration.
Candid snapshots reveal the genuine emotions that grace Muslim wedding celebrations.
  • An Engagement to Remember: The Prelude to Your Love Story

Your engagement is more than just an event; it’s the beginning of your unique love story. From exchanging rings to the gleaming joy in the eyes of your beloved, every detail matters.

Vibrant Mehndi & Henna: Weaving Cultural Richness

Here is a cinematic shot capturing the elegance of a Muslim wedding.
Every frame tells a story of elegance and grace in our cinematic Muslim wedding photography.
  • The vibrance of Mehndi & Henna:

Dive deep into the world of intricate patterns and traditional motifs. Every stroke tells a tale, and every hue embodies the richness of Islamic culture.

Crafting Timeless Albums: Rituals, Culture, and Love

A photographer is capturing the essence of Muslim wedding traditions.
Our lens delves into the cultural essence of Muslim wedding traditions.
  • Rituals, Culture, and Love: Crafting Unforgettable Albums

Your wedding album becomes a cherished heirloom, capturing the essence of rituals, the depth of tradition, and the irreplaceable bond of love.

Storytelling Through Lenses: Muslim Wedding Videography

  • Visual Stories: Muslim Wedding Videography

While our photographers are Crafting cinematic tales of couples stepping into their forever journey, our videography captures the essence of every laugh, tear, and dance move. From the serene Long Island Mosque to the bustling streets of Brooklyn, NY, every backdrop becomes a part of your wedding story.

Love in Motion: Capturing Your Wedding Journey

In Muslim weddings, every moment carries the weight of tradition, culture, and deep emotion. At CandleLight Studio, our team of skilled Pakistani photographers specializes in Muslim wedding photography that transcends mere images. We’re passionate about weaving together the threads of your unique love story, creating an everlasting tapestry of memories that you can treasure for a lifetime.

Cinematic Magic: Capturing Eternal Moments

From the moment a couple embarks on their journey of love to the joyous celebrations of the Nikkah and walima, we’re there to capture each chapter of your story. Our lenses become a canvas on which your emotions are painted, transforming fleeting moments into timeless memories.

FAQs: Navigating the Magic of Muslim Wedding Photography

  • Pakistani Photographers for Muslim Weddings in NY, NJ, and TX

Why choose Pakistani Photographers for Muslim weddings in NY, NJ, and TX?

Pakistani photographers, deeply rooted in the customs of Muslim weddings, bring out the authentic moments, ensuring your wedding album resonates with the essence of your culture.

  • Seizing Key Moments: Perfecting Wedding Ceremony Photography

How do you ensure you capture the pivotal moments during the wedding ceremony?

Our team is trained to anticipate key moments – from the first look to the last dance. With keen attention to detail and an understanding of Muslim ceremonies, we’re always in the right place at the right time.

  • Custom Tailoring: Your Destination Wedding Photography

Can I customize my wedding photography package for a destination wedding?

Absolutely! Whether you dream of having your wedding at a picturesque destination or the heart of NYC, we customize packages to fit your unique love story and preferences.

Inquiries Answered: FAQs About Muslim Wedding Photography

  • Our Unique Approach: Crafting Muslim Wedding Photography

What Makes Our Muslim Wedding Photography Unique?

Our Muslim wedding photography encapsulates the essence of your love story, weaving in the rich tapestry of cultural traditions and rituals. Our Pakistani photographers specialize in capturing candid moments and authentic emotions that reflect your journey as a couple.

  • Detail Perfection: Comprehensive Photography Coverage

How Do You Ensure Every Detail Is Captured?

We believe in creating a visual narrative that encompasses every intricate detail of your special day. Our experienced photographers focus on grand moments and delicate nuances, ensuring no memory is left unphotographed.

  • Going Beyond Borders: Capturing Destination Weddings

Can You Accommodate Destination Weddings?

Absolutely. Our team is not limited to New York, New Jersey, or Houston. We’re thrilled to be a part of your destination wedding, whether on a tranquil Long Island or amidst the vibrant energy of Brooklyn. Your love story knows no boundaries, and neither do we.

  • Enduring Memories through Muslim Wedding Photography

As you embark on the journey of a lifetime, let us immortalize every smile, glance, and touch through our lenses. Your Muslim wedding is a symphony of tradition and love, and we’re here to capture every precious note. Our Pakistani photographers don’t just observe; they weave your love story into images that will stand the test of time. Join us in turning your moments into cherished memories.

  • A Cinematic Approach to Muslim Wedding Photography

At CandleLight Studio, we are not merely photographers but visual storytellers. Our cinematic approach transforms your wedding into a captivating tale. From the mesmerizing hues of the mehndi ceremony to the joyous beats of the baraat procession, we craft a visual narrative that encapsulates every emotion, tradition, and memory.

Why Choose Our Pakistani Photographers?

Authenticity in Every Frame

Our Pakistani photographers intimately understand the customs of Muslim weddings. With this cultural insight, each snapshot becomes a tribute to your heritage. Every henna design, every ritual, and every heartfelt moment is captured with authenticity.

Capturing Essential Moments

Anticipating pivotal moments is our expertise. From the first look to the last dance, our skilled team ensures that every significant moment is forever preserved. With a deep understanding of Muslim ceremonies, we are where the magic happens.

Tailored to Your Dreams

Are you dreaming of a destination wedding? We’ve got you covered. Our customized packages transcend geographical boundaries. Whether it’s a tranquil beach or a vibrant city, our lenses capture your love story wherever it unfolds.

Unveiling the Magic: Muslim Wedding Videography

Our services extend beyond photography. With Muslim wedding videography, we transform the still moments into moving memories. Every smile, every tear, and every dance come to life in motion. The whispers of vows exchanged, and the cheers of joyous celebrations are preserved for you to relive whenever you wish.

In every snapshot we take, we strive to encapsulate the essence of your Muslim wedding—where love, culture, and tradition intertwine. Our Pakistani photographers are not just observers; they’re storytellers who craft each image carefully, ensuring that every glance at your wedding album is a journey back in time. Let us be a part of your big day, and together, we’ll create an unforgettable chapter in your love story. Book now to preserve your unique journey through the lens of CandleLight Studio.

As you embark on this incredible journey, ensure that every candid smile, every tear of joy, and every whisper of love is eternally sealed through our lenses. Be it the bustling lanes of Queens, NY, the traditional essence of New Jersey, or the grandeur of Houston, Texas, our Pakistani Photographers ensure that every emotion, every tradition, and every special moment is captured with absolute perfection.

Emotion in Motion

Our videography turns still moments into moving memories. Every smile, tear, and dance move is immortalized in cinematic detail. Your vows and celebrations come alive, ready to relive whenever your heart desires.

  • A Cultural Tapestry of Moments:

We understand the significance of cultural rituals in Muslim weddings—the mehndi ceremony’s intricate henna designs, the baraat procession’s joyous beats, or the nikkah’s serene ambiance. Our Pakistani photographers intimately comprehend these customs, ensuring every snapshot is a tribute to your heritage.

  • Candid Moments, Real Emotions:

Gone are the days of stiff poses and forced smiles. Our approach is rooted in capturing candid moments, unscripted laughter, stolen glances, and the genuine interactions that define your relationship. These unfiltered emotions give life to each image, telling a story that resonates deep within your heart.

  • The Essence of Cinematic Storytelling:

Your love story is the centerpiece of our photography. Through our lenses, we create a visual narrative beyond individual frames. Our cinematic photography style is about seamlessly stitching these frames together, allowing you to relive your special day with every glance at your wedding album.

Frequently Asked Questions about Muslim Wedding Photography

Our Distinctive Approach

What sets our Muslim wedding photography apart? Our Pakistani photographers weave culture, love, and tradition into every snapshot. Candid moments and authentic emotions define our work, reflecting your unique journey as a couple.

Every Detail Preserved

Our mission is to encapsulate every intricate detail. Our photographers focus on grand gestures and subtle nuances, ensuring no memory goes unphotographed. Your day is preserved, from the grandest rituals to the smallest glances.

Your Love Knows No Boundaries

Are you dreaming of a destination wedding? Our team travels beyond borders to encapsulate your love story. Whether it’s a tranquil beach, a historic city, or the heart of nature, we’re committed to capturing your love in its truest form.

  • Booking Your Eternal Memories:

Your wedding journey is a narrative waiting to be told. Let us craft a captivating tale of your special day. Book now and entrust your moments to the skilled hands and lenses of CandleLight Studio. Your love story deserves to be eternally cherished.

Dive deep into the vibrant world of Muslim Wedding Photography, where Pakistan’s finest professionals capture love stories with cinematic excellence.

Book Today and Preserve Your Regional Wedding Love Story in Frames of Time.

Affordable Muslim Wedding Photography by Indian Photographers NY

The Best Muslim Wedding Photography and Videography by CandleLight Studio Photographers and Videographers at Affordable Prices and custom packages.

Muslim Wedding Photography Long Island
Long Island Muslim Wedding Photography
  • Muslim wedding photography and videography is our specialty- We click photos of your rituals and our videographers add motion to your Nikah Ceremony film-

At candlelight photography, we are experts at Muslim wedding photography and Nikah wedding videography. Our specialty is centered around providing a well-oriented and creative shoot for your Pakistani events and creating lasting Muslim wedding memories in pictures and videos.

Muslim Wedding photography is a combination of several types of photography. Our wedding packages include Bridal party photos and family and group pictures.

Our professional Indian photographers have served several clients who follow Muslim wedding traditions. Muslim weddings pertain to different rituals, like Haldi, Mehndi, Baraat, Nikah, and the Valima. Our team of Indian photographers will be with you from the day of commencing these wedding ceremonies.

Custom Photo Packages for Muslim Wedding Photography

If you want the best out of your Muslim wedding photography and cinematography, look no further than candlelight studio.

Our founder Surinder Singh will be more than happy to welcome you and provide the best Muslim wedding photography. We will capture the nikah cinematography that you have always envisaged at an average and affordable cost.

Beautiful Photos and 4K Videos of Muslim Wedding Photography

Candlelight photography and videography studio have stood the test of time with over 20years of experience. Enjoy the different photographic and photojournalistic shots that we offer. With candlelight, your Muslim wedding ceremony photography and Nikah wedding videography are in the safest hands. We are just a call or chat away. Contact us today and save 5% on your Walima photography package.

Pakistani Photographer Long Island NY
Long Island NY Pakistani Photographer

Colorful and Joyous Muslim Weddings

Best Muslim Wedding Video, Walima Ceremony Highlights Reel and Mehndi Video Highlights by Indian Wedding Videographer Near Me in NYC and NJ

Muslim Wedding Ceremony Video Highlights NY
Muslim Wedding Video Highlights Trailer NY
Muslim wedding ceremony Videos by Indian Videographers
Best Priced Muslim Wedding Photography and Walima Video

4 Best Selling Muslim Wedding Photography & Video Packages

Hollywood-Style Video Editing of Mehendi and Muslim Weddings

  • Muslim Weddings are our specialty. We have covered Valima, Mehendi, and Barat Videos and Photos of Muslim Wedding Ceremonies
  • Digital Photos and 4K Videos
  • Henna, Mehendi, and Walima Ceremony Photos
  • Candid and Posed Bridal Photography
  • Drone Coverage, Live Streaming, and Cinematography of Your Muslim Marriage Ceremony

Unforgettable Memories: Explore Our Wedding Photography Packages
Preserve the magic of your special day with our meticulously crafted wedding photography packages.

Wedding Photography at Unbeatable Prices by Indian Photographers

  • Get More for Your Money with Affordable Wedding Photography Packages
  • Unique Wedding Photo Albums Tailored Just for You
  • Cinematic Wedding Video Highlight Reels: An Unforgettable Journey
  • Expertly edited Full-length footage capturing moments of your memorable event.
  • The edited video features dynamic titles, special effects, and songs harmoniously paired with your event.
  • Share the Joy with Loved Ones: Live Stream Your Special Moments
  • Drone Flying Cameras: Elevate Your Wedding Experience
  • Unleash the Full Potential of Your Memories
  • Complimentary Online Gallery: An Artistic Showcase
  • Make Your Wedding Unforgettable with CandleLight Studio
  • Book Your Unforgettable Wedding Experience Now!

Contact us today to reserve your date and secure the most enchanting wedding photography experience.

Let Indian Photographers be your trusted partner in capturing the magic of your love story.


BASIC Package

4 Hours of Digital Photography

All High-Resolution Photos without watermarks, Delivered Online

FREE UPLOAD of selected photos on the Internet


BRONZE Package

4 hours of High Definition Videography

UnEdited High Definition Video Footage Delivered Online

FREE UPLOAD of selected video clips on the Internet

Photos | Video

SILVER Package

4 Hours of Digital Photography and High Definition Videography

All High-Resolution Photos without watermarks, Delivered Online

UnEdited High Definition Video Footage Delivered Online

FREE UPLOAD of selected photos on the Internet

Photos | Video | Album

GOLDEN Package

4 Hours of Digital Photography and 4K Videography

1 Flush Mount Photo Album – size 12″x36″ (25 Pages/50 Sides) with Plexiglas Acrylic Cover

5~10 Minutes Video Highlights Reel

FULL Length Edited Video (Dynamic Titles, Special Effects, and Matching Songs), Delivered on USB Drive and Online

All High-Resolution Photos without watermarks, Delivered on USB Drive and Online

USB Drives are Playable on Smart TVs, Computers, Laptops, Tablets, etc., with USB input

Free Online Photo Gallery

FREE UPLOAD of selected photos and Video Highlights on the Internet

Budget Priced Best Muslim Wedding Photography Package

Muslim Wedding Photography Hicksville NY

Muslim Wedding Photography by Brooklyn Photographers

100 Best Value Priced Photos of Muslim Wedding Photography

The next package is related to Muslim Wedding Videography in which you will get the video Highlights of what we have captured during 4 hours of your event. In the same way as photos,

Punjabi Photographers
The Very Best Nikah Photography Brooklyn NY

Colorful Muslim Wedding Photography Brooklyn NY Photographer

Best Muslim Wedding Photographers for Delightful Photography

We make an ongoing relationship with our precious clients who choose us for their wedding events. We provide professional services within your range of budget. Candlelight studio also offers a 5% discount on advance

Punjabi Videographers
Walima Photography Bronx NY

Muslim Wedding Photography by The Best NYC Photographer

100 Best Photography Poses by Muslim Wedding Photographers

Candlelight Studio NY offers professional shoots of your wedding events and cinematic video coverage in highly competitive budget packages.coverage in highly competitive budget packages.

Best Sikh Photographer
Exciting Mehendi Photography Brooklyn NY

Best Priced Mehendi Photos Muslim Wedding Photography

Pakistani Wedding Photography in Houston, TX, New York, New Jersey, and their surrounding areas

In Muslim weddings, “Wedding photojournalism directly depends upon cultural & traditional style of people.”

There are more than fifteen ethnic groups in Pakistan whose wedding styles, wedding traditions, wedding dresses, and wedding food are different from tribe to tribe.

Earlier, many Pakistani families will have a family member taking pictures. Lately, the wedding photography trend has changed over time. Now Pakistani couples wish to hire a professional photographer for their wedding photos instead of an amateur photographer.

Here are the two popular types of photographs taken at Pakistani weddings:

• Portrait Photography:
Portrait photography captures the personality of a particular person or couple by using available lighting. In Pakistani weddings, groom and bridal portrait sessions play a significant part in capturing bridal and groom photos or solo.

• Event Photography:
In Pakistani weddings, event photography or event videography captures the pictures of guests at major events like “Mehendi, Baarat, Nikaah, and Reception.” And event photography in Pakistani weddings usually starts from pre-wedding parties and ends at reception dinner.

Sikh Wedding Ceremony
Indian Photographer New Rochelle NY

Professional Muslim Wedding Photography New York Queens

Amazing Muslim Wedding Photography and Videography

services, as well as 4K Videography, Drone shots, and photo albums of

Engagement Session
Indian Wedding Photographer Floral Park NY

Best Muslim Bridal Portraits of Muslim Wedding Photography

Professional Photographers for Muslim Wedding Ceremony

Extensive knowledge of beautiful destinations and spots:

Expert Photographers
Affordable Queens NY Muslim Wedding Photography & Videography

Muslim Wedding Photography Live Streaming Video Packages

Beautiful Muslim Wedding Photography Videography and Albums

What makes candlelight different from other photographers?

We have the most relevant knowledge in photography, as we have been in business for over 20 years. We understand our clients and use our long-acquired expertise and creativity to perfect every picture we take! CandleLight Studio has a team of passionate photographers and Indian wedding videographers.

What is included in wedding photography packages?

We are a top-notch team of Indian photographers with an eye for every detail. Muslim Weddings are our specialty. We Digital Photos and 4K Videos. Walima, Henna, and Mehendi Ceremony Photos. Live Streaming and Drone photography and Cinematography of Your Muslim Marriage Ceremony. Bridal party Candid and Posed photos.

What advantages can an Indian wedding videographer bring to your ceremony?

At CandleLight Studio, we are also creative videographers who understand rich wedding traditions in the Islamic culture. We work intending to reflect the real essence of wedding photography and videography. Our photography and videos will tell your love story to everyone close to you.

What kind of wedding photography style do you use?

Brides are mostly the ones interested in recreating different styles on their wedding day. Of course, it’s their day, so they have every right to use whichever photo video style they prefer. But beyond that, having candlelight as your wedding photographer provides you with the best creative photo video styles.

How many photos should you get from a wedding photographer?

At CandleLight Studio, we capture memories to tell stories and narrate emotions of your big day till eternity. Photoshoots group photos of your family, friends and loved ones who graced your beautiful occasion are never missed.
On average, we take between 800 and 1200 pictures of the wedding ceremony. All photos are delivered on a USB drive.
Indian Photographers Jamaica NY
Jamaica NY Indian Photographers

Muslim Weddings by CandleLight Photography Studio NY NJ TX

Indian Wedding Photographers Richmond Hill NY
Richmond Hill NY Indian Wedding Photographers
Candid moments during a Muslim wedding celebration.
Candid snapshots reveal the genuine emotions that grace Muslim wedding celebrations.