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Ready to Tie the Knot? A 5 minutes call to Indian Photographers Near Me in New York can save you 5% or more on your NYC Wedding Photography Packages.

Choose the package that offers the most value for your price range and get a 5 minutes video highlights reel of a full-day wedding and reception videography.

Immortalize your Unique Moments with the Right Wedding Photography captured by Affordable Indian Photographers near me in New York City.

Congratulations on Tying the Knot!

Finding the right Indian wedding photographer for your traditional Indian or modern western wedding can sometimes be very challenging. To preserve your memories for a lifetime, you need a professional photographer with an eye for detail. And for cinematic wedding video highlights, you will need a videographer with creative skills to document your events as the day unfolds.

So, how can you find the right NYC wedding photographer for your big day photography?

Well, look no further. At CandleLight Studio NYC, we offer engagement, wedding, and bridal party photography and videography at affordable prices. With several affordable wedding photography and videography packages available, we offer something to fit every budget.

As Indian wedding photographers, we understand Indian culture and its rich wedding traditions. We are highly detail-oriented and skilled at photographing Indian couples. Contact us today, and we would be present photographing your magical day to tell your love story.

Affordable South Asian Indian Wedding Photography and Videography Packages tailored to fit your needs.

Affordable Virtual Wedding Photography Packages at the Lowest Price.

Affordable Wedding Photographers Near Me
Tie the Knot with Affordable Indian Wedding Photographers New York NYC

Wedding Photography In New York- Photos That Reflect The Real Essence Of The Indian Wedding Event

Make Your Dreams Come True with our budget-friendly Wedding Photography Packages specially designed at the lowest price for small and virtual weddings. Due to the current global pandemic, virtual weddings are becoming a trend. We are the Local Photographers in NY, and we offer our services for Every Budget.

Congratulations from a team of professional Indian wedding photographers! You have reached the best platform to avail of the best wedding photography service. We not only snap photos but also create a story. It is a story that your minds and hearts will embrace forever. Every time you look through the visual story, you can reminisce about those moments. Thus, hire our reliable Indian photographers in New York and find a difference in your wedding photo quality.

  • 10 Minutes Video Highlights Reel and Wedding Trailers by The Best Indian Wedding Videographer NY

Video Highlights of Church Wedding Ceremony

NYC Wedding Photography and Videography

Highlights Reel of Full-Day Wedding in 7 Minutes

Indian Wedding Photography and Videography NYC

Video Highlights Promo of Wedding and Events

Wedding Video Highlights and Promos
  • You may ask what is included in our wedding photography packages?

Our affordable packages are value priced that includes Digital Photography, 4K Videography and Flash Mount Digital Photo Album.

How much do you need to invest in wedding photography to get the best of the packages? Speak to our professionals and get the estimate to customize as per your needs. We will provide you with the best service.

Every wedding event is unique. To present you with a brief overview of what our photographers do, we have put together our packages for our clients.

  • These photography and videography packages are customizable.
  • Free pre-wedding consultations
  • Long hours of coverage on your wedding day
  • Delivery of digital images in a virtual gallery
  • Wedding cinematography and videography with edited video content, relevant music, and smooth transitions
  • Drone photography
  • Flush mount photo album
  • Get clicked at the photo booth
Wedding Photography Packages
Value Priced Wedding Photography Packages for Every Budget

Best NYC Wedding Photography Packages by Indian Photographers Near Me

  • Budget-friendly wedding photography packages by Indian photographers NYC

We have designed our packages to meet your needs so you can Tie the Knot in New York City without blowing your budget or cutting corners. At Candlelight Studio, we offer high-quality photography packages at affordable prices. Our wedding photography packages come in 4 sizes: Basic, Bronze, Silver, and Golden Package.

  • You will find our prices are reasonable and our reasoning is priceless.
  • For better rates, Please select the package you like and provide your Event Dates, Locations, and Timings!

  • Photography
    BASIC Package
    4 Hours of Digital Photography
    All High-Resolution Photos without watermarks, Delivered on USB Drive
    USB Drives are Playable on Smart TVs, Computers, Laptops, Tablets, etc., with USB input
    FREE UPLOAD of selected photos on the Internet
  • Videography
    BRONZE Package
    4 Hours of High Definition Videography
    Unedited High Definition Video Footage delivered on USB Drive
    USB Drives are Playable on Smart TVs, Computers, Laptops, Tablets, etc., with USB input
    FREE UPLOAD of selected video clips on the Internet
  • Photos & Video
    SILVER Package
    4 Hours of Digital Photography and High Definition Videography
    All High-Resolution Photos without watermarks, Delivered on USB Drive
    Unedited High Definition Video Footage delivered on USB Drive
    USB Drives are Playable on Smart TVs, Computers, Laptops, Tablets, etc., with USB input
    FREE UPLOAD of selected photos on the Internet
  • Photos | Video | Album
    GOLDEN Package
    4 Hours of Digital Photography and 4K Videography
    1 Flush Mount Photo Album – size 12"x15" (25 Pages/50 Sides) with Plexiglas Cover
    5 Minutes Video Highlights Reel
    FULL Length Edited Video (Dynamic Titles, Special Effects, and Matching Songs), Delivered on USB Drive
    All High-Resolution Photos without watermarks, Delivered on USB Drive
    USB Drives are Playable on Smart TVs, Computers, Laptops, Tablets, etc., with USB input
    Free Online Photo Gallery
    FREE UPLOAD of selected photos and Video Highlights on the Internet

New York Wedding Photographers Prices for South Asian Weddings

  • We understand how stressful it is to plan a wedding.
  • We do everything we can to trim Your Indian Wedding Photography Costs and Get Incredible Wedding Photos.
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Brides always ask similar questions when choosing Professional and Reliable Local Wedding Photographers Near Me in New York City.

  • What is the Average Cost of a Wedding Photographer?
  • How Much Do Wedding Photographers Cost?
  • Do you need 2 photographers for your wedding?

Wedding Photography doesn’t have to cost a fortune. Candlelight Photography Studio is the best and the most cost-effective photography solution for couples tying the knot in New York and New Jersey. Our affordable wedding photography services in New York cater to couples-to-be from all nationalities, religions, communities, and ethnic backgrounds. We pride ourselves on being one of the best Indian wedding photographers in New York, New Jersey, and surrounding areas. Our reasonable prices and packages let you choose our services irrespective of your budget.

Create a budget
Creating a budget is not easy when you don’t know the details of what goes into a wedding photography service. More often than not, wedding photographers offer their services in packages. Here are some of the basics and additionals included in that cost.

Length of Hours
A wedding celebration usually runs from 6-12 hours, and some photographers charge by the hour. It’s important that you are aware of the average cost in your location.

The average New York City wedding photographer cost is $500 per hour for a great one. Although beginner photographers charge $300-$500 per package (different from the hourly rate) as they’re still building up their portfolio.

Second Photographer
A second photographer is very helpful when it comes to shooting weddings especially before the bride and groom meet on the altar. It allows for more coverage and a detailed documentary of the event. It can also work as one taking more traditional shots while the other one moves in the background. But this can also be an added cost.

Tip: If it’s a big wedding, having a second photographer will be worth the cost. That way, you get more photos and footage of the wedding in a different perspective which is good for a very creative and dynamic gallery.

Some wedding photographers include a per-mile charge in their total costs. If your wedding is an airplane away, the cost of flying is also your responsibility.

Sometimes Brides ask – How many photos should I get from my wedding photographer?
On average, for a 4-hour Wedding Ceremony, you could get between 400 to 600 Photos.

Post-processing is a very tedious process, especially with thousands of photos to edit. This is why this is also considered in the cost. Should you wish to expedite the process, there might be a considerable additional charge. Although some studio or freelance photographers stick to a specific schedule.

Wedding Album and Videography
Some include this as a standard product in the package, while some add in extra costs for this.

Engagement Photo Session
Today, about 62% of couples avail of this as part of their wedding. The beautiful engagement photos from the shoot are usually done for Save The Date and other “promotional” videos prior to the wedding.

While wedding photography is very important, it does not mean that it has to get a big chunk off of your wedding money. So make sure that you don’t compromise your budget just to get extravagant photos. After all, expensive price tags don’t automatically mean that it’s quality.

Surinder Singh Wedding Photographer New York NYC

New York Indian Wedding Photographers NYC NJ are Brides Best Friend

What Do You Get When You Choose an Affordable Indian Wedding Photographer Surinder Singh

NY Wedding Photographer and Videographer Surinder Singh have been photographing and videotaping precious moments of weddings and events of various nationalities and religious backgrounds for over 20 years. The American Wedding Group has also recognized him as a culturally sensitive professional wedding photographer.

Surinder Singh values all religions and cultures. Whether it is a traditional South Asian Wedding or a modern Western Wedding, he uniquely captures the ceremony for generations to cherish.

CandleLight Studio, the Indian Wedding Photographers NYC NJ, offers flexible budget packages for pre-wedding, engagement, and wedding photography in New York, New Jersey, and surrounding areas.

Book today and save 5% on your wedding photography package for local or destination weddings.

Surinder Singh NY Photographer Near Me
Surinder Singh Wedding Photographer in New York

10 Must-Have Wedding Photos on your wedding day

  • Top 10 Ultimate Wedding Photography Checklist of Bridal Party Portrait Photos

South Indian Wedding Photography

South Asian Indian Wedding Photography New York
South Asian Indian Wedding Photography by NYC Photographers at CandleLight Studio NY

Gujarati Wedding Photography

Gujarati Wedding Photography NYC
Gujarati Wedding Photography by CandleLight Studio Photographers NYC

Muslim Wedding Photography

Muslim Wedding Photography Brooklyn NY
Affordable Muslim Wedding Photography by Pakistani Photographers NYC

Punjabi Wedding Photography

Punjabi Wedding Photography Hicksville NY
Punjabi Sikh Wedding Photography by NYC Photographer Surinder Singh

Guyanese Wedding Photography

Guyanese Wedding Photography Queens NY
Traditional Guyanese Wedding Photography by NYC Indian Photographers

Bangladeshi Wedding Photography

Bangladeshi Wedding Photography NY and NJ
Traditional Bangladeshi Wedding Photography and Videography by NY Photographers

Christian Wedding Photography

Christian Wedding Photography Brooklyn New York
NYC Photographers for Christian Wedding Photography and Videography

Afghani Wedding Photography

Afghani Wedding Photography in New York
Afghani Wedding Photography by CandleLight Studio NY

Church Wedding Photography

Church Wedding Photography in Long Island NY
Beautiful Church Wedding Photography by CandleLight Studio New York City

The must-have wedding photos- We can never overlook these scenes

There are some wedding scenes, which should always be a part of our wedding album. We have listed the must-have wedding shots that you will cherish throughout your life. From invitation suites to wedding day jewels, everything is captured in our photos.

The bride– It is common to find the bride with her bridesmaids, groom, and other relatives. However, we also take solo pictures of the bride. We are careful while capturing the bridal portrait.

The bridal bouquet– A bride holding a bunch of flowers tightly is the perfect scene for a photoshoot. We may ask you to take different poses while gripping the flower bouquet.

The groom– It is now the groom’s turn to pose as a handsome model. Make sure that you have a picture-perfect look before we click our camera.

The little ones– We never overlook the charming face of the junior bridesmaid. These little ones can squat down and show their love to the bride.

The table and wedding cake– You may have carefully chosen your table lines, and we love capturing them in our aerial shot. Moreover, the beautiful wedding cake is another important thing that comes to our focus during wedding photography.

The dance– The dancing performance of the new brides and grooms and their relatives are click-worthy scenes. Let us capture them with our videography and photography skills.

Wedding shoes and fashion accessories– There is something special in your wedding shoes. Let us capture a single photo of only your shoes. Moreover, we also snap photos of your wedding accessories, as those precious ornaments beautify your look.

Getting ready– They are casual photos, and you do not need to take any poses. When you are getting ready for a party with a glamorous dress, we will click a photo.

The veil– One of the most beautiful parts of the bridal outfit is the veil. We capture the bride’s photo covered with a veil.

Party favors– In some wedding parties, the host offers some favors and gifts to guests. Our wedding photographers in NYC will click their photos during the photography session.

Where should we take elopement photos in New York after we get married?

Top 10 Romantic locations for Wedding Photography in New York City

Gujarati wedding Photography NJ
Gujarati wedding Photography NJ by Indian Photographers NY
  • New York City has one of the most charming, dynamic, and colorful locations for your wedding and engagement photoshoot.
  • Central Park is famous for its beautiful flowers, Conservatory garden, and Bethesda fountain for Bridal Party Photo Session.
  • Dumbo with the New York Skyline, Brooklyn Bridge, and Manhattan Bridge as your backdrop is one of the favorite places for wedding photography in New York City.
  • Prospect Park in Brooklyn, NY, is an attractive option for your engagement and wedding photos.
  • Riverside Park is less crowded and quieter than Central Park and is perfect for your pre-wedding and engagement photo session.
  • Lit up Time Square as a backdrop is a great spot to take wedding pictures of the bride and groom.
  • Bow Bridge is one of the most stunning wedding and engagement photo locations in New York City.
  • Fort Tryon in northern Manhattan has the hidden treasure for photographs: the waterfront, under the arches, and along the paths full of trees.
  • The High line elevated park stretching above Manhattan’s west side in New York City is another popular location for wedding and engagement photoshoot.

Where should we get married in New York city?

  • The best destination to get married in NYC is the City Hall, New York.

Indian Wedding Photographers New York (NYC) for Engagement and Bridal Party Photography and Videography

12 Must-Have Best Bride Portrait Photography Poses for Your Bridal Portrait Session Photos

Indian Wedding Photography

Indian Photographer NY
Wedding Photography by Indian Photographer NY

Bridal Photography and Videos

NYC Photographers
Wedding Photography by NYC Photographers

Punjabi Wedding Photography

Indian Photographers NY
Wedding Photos and Videos by Indian Photographers NY

Muslim Wedding Photography

Indian Photographer NYC
Bridal Portraits by Indian Photographer NYC

Bridal Portrait Photography

NY Photographer
Indian Wedding Photography by NY Photographer

Pre-wedding Photography

NYC Photographer
Bridal Photography by NYC Photographer

Engagement Photography

Photographer NY
Pre-wedding Park Photos by Photographer NY

Guyanese Wedding Photography

NY Photographers
Affordable NY Photographers

Wedding Photo Session

Indian Photographers NYC
Engagement Photos by Indian Photographers NYC

Wedding Photoshoot

Photographer NYC
Traditional Wedding Photography by Photographer NYC

Bridal Party Photo Session

Photographers NY
Bridal Party Photos by Photographers NY

Bridal Photography Poses

Photographers NYC
Stunning Bridal Portraits by Photographers NYC

FAQ: What kind of wedding photography style do you use?

CandleLight Studio Wedding Photography — Bridal Portraits Photos Before or After the Wedding

Photojournalistic style
Photojournalism in wedding photography focuses on taking human tendencies and surroundings. Every time we snap a photo, there is a purpose. Moreover, each of our photos portrays a feeling, narrates a story, and traps an emotion. We do not take pictures randomly in our photojournalistic style.

We give high importance to the environment, your conversations, your smile, tear, hug, and laugh. We need a perfect lighting setup for a successful photojournalistic style. Our professionals choose this style anything while photographing non-posed events, like cocktail hour and wedding ceremony.

Editorial Style
Do you want to look like a model with a perfect posing? Then, we will choose an editorial photography style for you. Some brides cannot wait for the sunset session and like to have the best detail in the photography.

We prefer editorial style for the fashion-forward brides and grooms. The background may have dramatic lighting and deep shadows. Our editorial wedding photographers will click the best photo.

When you like to have your wedding photos featured in some blogs and printed media, you may choose this style.

Creative Style
As a team of professional wedding photographers, we know the right way of blending flash techniques and advanced cameras. We have learned about off-camera flash, HDR photography, and panoramic stitching for the creative photography style. Overall, we create the most innovative and compelling effects.

CandleLight Photography Studio NY
Our photographers always search for silhouettes, reflections, perfect symmetry, and foregrounds. We sneak behind objects, find unique perspectives, and shoot off mirrors. That is why ordinary photos look amazing. Our photographers have trained their eyes to do these things, as an average eye cannot do it.

Signature Style
We can create our own signature style of photography for brides and grooms. The crisp, clean, and vibrant HD photos reflect our photography skills. In every photo, you will find accurate skin tone and natural hues of the scene. Our wedding photos have timeless aesthetics.

Dramatic, dark wedding photography style
Not all brides and grooms prefer colorful and bright photos. That is where our dark photography style comes in. We have a highly talented photographer to turn out darker photos. Our dark, moody, and emotive photographs can easily attract one’s attention.

Although there may be natural light, we can capture dark wedding photography. On the contrary, the air and bright photography style relies on the natural light rays and uses pastel shades.

With our dark wedding portraits, you will find desaturated tones. Moreover, you will find a contrast of shadows and light that create a vivid effect.

There is no definite rule for bridal photography. Still, we stick to some guidelines to maintain the best characteristics of every photo.

FAQ: Do you shoot family photos during a wedding day?

Family Portraits- One of the crucial parts of our wedding photography NYC

We know that brides and grooms are focal points on wedding events. However, their family members and other groups of guests also hold importance. That is why we think of including family portraits in our wedding photography session. The bride’s first glance at the groom and their vows are some must-have wedding photos.

Furthermore, we never overlook family portraits when our clients hire us for Indian wedding photography in New York. These family photos are highly treasured mementos in your photo book. While keeping our wedding photography package price reasonable, we include the best shots.

In every family photoshoot, we focus on the:

  • Bride’s parents
  • Bride’s siblings
  • Bride’s siblings and other kids
  • Bride’s grandparents
  • Groom’s parents
  • Groom’s parents and siblings
  • Groom’s siblings and kids
  • Groom’s grandparents

You may also prefer our videography services to capture special moments with your family members. Our videographers will track the moment when bridesmaids and groomsmen cut silly jokes and are full of laughter. Moreover, during the special reception moments, our videographers try to record the opening speech of the couples’ parents.

When the wedding ceremony is over, you can cheer up your family members with these family portraits and group photographs. Thus, hire us for the most memorable family portraits on the wedding day.

South Asian Indian Bridal Photoshoot Portraits, Wedding Ceremony Photography and Videography

Wedding Photographers New York NYC – CandleLight Photography Studio NY

Contact Today The Best Wedding Photographers NYC for Award Winning Photography and Videography of South Asian Brides.

South Indian Brides – Photography and Videography
South Indian Bridal Photography NYC
South Asian Bridal Wedding Videography
South Indian Bridal Portraits and Wedding Photos
South Asian Bride and Groom Photos by Indian Wedding Photographer NYC
South Asian Bride and Groom Photo Shoot NYC

Affordable Wedding Photography Made Easy When You Work with The Best Wedding Photographers at Candlelight Studio NYC.

Soon to be couples are always searching for Who Are the Best New York Wedding Photographers?

Your search stops here. We are Professionally experienced Photographers certified by the American Wedding Group and a member of America’s Professional Photographers.

Weddings are special events. It is our absolute pleasure to engage with brides and Couples from different religions, countries, and communities. Indian Wedding Photographers at Candlelight Studio NYC NJ understand their culture. We are experts in shooting such rich traditional occasions and ensures that we deliver only the best service.

We provide digital Wedding Photography, pre-wedding, engagement, and Wedding Videography services in and around the New York and New Jersey areas. We also offer budget-friendly destination wedding photography packages that include pre-wedding and post-wedding photography and videography.

It is joyful for us to be a part of different ethnicities. We have covered Couples from American, Jewish, and Latino weddings to Indian, Pakistani, Guyanese, Bangladeshi, and a variety of South Asian Weddings

Indian Photography and Videography Blogs by CandleLight Studio NYC

South Asian Brides Wedding Photography Blogs Indian Wedding Ceremonies

Creativity and Vibrant Colors Blogs of Indian Wedding Photography discussing the pricing of Wedding Services

Over the years, we have covered Christian weddings, Sikh weddings, Hindu weddings, Muslim weddings, and different Indian communities such as Punjabis weddings, Malayalee and Kerala weddings, Telegu, Tamil, and Maharashtrian weddings. We know how each wedding ceremony is different because of its customs, rituals, traditions, and choice of colorful outfits.

We know that emotions are the most vital points of beautiful Indian wedding photography in New York. You would feel bored looking at wedding photos where the couples stand somber staring at a camera. There are so many details to capture in the nuptial event. We know how to notice these delicate details and preserve the moments of your special day. We cannot resist ourselves when we see:

  • A groom twinkling his eyes
  • Tears at the corner of a young bride’s eyes
  • A romantic glance of the bride and groom
  • A thrilling dance performance of the mother and her son

That’s why our wedding photos are priceless, timeless, and classic. While you look at them, our photos will make you revisit those emotions.

We are something more than Indian photographers NYC

Our team comprises professional and certified photographers, videographers, visualizers, and photojournalists. Although we have diverse skillsets, we have cohesively learned the technique. We have varied interests in the field of photography and videography. That is why we can produce the best output while working together. Our versatile team can capture emotions, adrenaline, and enjoyment found in brides, grooms, bridesmaids, and other guests in the party.

At Candlelight Photography Studio, we are a team of decent photographers specialized in shooting Indian Shaadi Ceremonies. We respect your vision and try to upgrade our photographing techniques. Our photographers may need to interact with the would-be couples and their family members to let them feel comfortable during photography and better understand their vision.

Indian photographers in New York NYC have been capturing wedding photography’s intimacy and beauty at affordable prices for over 20 years.

5 Important Questions To Ask Your Wedding Photographer

We’ve created the ultimate list of essential questions you need to discuss with your wedding photographer Before You Book and sign on the contract.

South Indian Wedding Photography
Beautiful South Indian Wedding Photography NY

Here are the essential FAQs to ask your wedding photographer.

How much is a wedding photographer in NYC?

Photographer Cost NY

A Wedding Photographer’s average price in New York ranges between $1100 and $1800.

What do wedding photography packages include?

Wedding Photography Packages

The wedding photography package includes a family and bridal party photoshoot, full coverage of the ceremony, and every moment in between.

How many photos should a wedding photographer deliver?

Wedding Photographer Prices

In a 4-hour Wedding Ceremony, a professional photographer takes between 400 to 600 Photos.

The benefits of having two photographers on your wedding day?

Wedding Photography Cost NYC

Two Photographers must capture both the bride and groom when they are getting ready simultaneously at two different locations.

How much does a wedding photographer cost per hour?

NYC Photographer Cost

On average, wedding photography services cost between $125 – $175/hr.

Small Wedding Photography Packages for Virtual Marriage Ceremony NYC

Virtual Wedding Photography Packages and Prices

Wedding rituals and ceremonies are one of the common parts of every culture. They create a bond between two persons who love each other and like to live together.

Nothing can prevent the union of two souls. Then, why should the recent pandemic be the barrier to marriage ceremonies? Lots of restrictions and social distancing rules have introduced the trend of virtual weddings. We have already served several clients for virtual wedding photography services.

However, you may continue the virtual wedding trend when the world is free of COVID-19. In most cases, brides and grooms pour countless hours to find the right venues and reliable vendors. But, with a virtual marriage, you can save this effort. Hire our Indian photographers for photographing your virtual wedding with small gatherings.

We have the best set of videography equipment to stream your wedding ceremony. Your close relatives who do not attend your ceremony for travel restrictions can watch your virtual wedding video remotely. We use the most advanced virtual platforms that enable your guests to watch the wedding event from their digital devices.

Our professional standard gears will allow us to deliver the best digital content to our clients. Enjoy your virtual weddings and capture every moment of your special day.

  • Capture birds-eye view beautiful videos with drones

As we are fearless photographers and videographers, we like to take the challenge of applying the latest videography trends. Our aerial cinematography with drones helps us in capturing footage at some elevated angles. The little unmanned aerial device drone can add a wow-factor to your videos. You will find a movie-style zest in your wedding videos. It may be a seaside wedding or a wedding in a rustic setting. Our drone-based videography will capture everything with its incredible technology.
Without raising the videography cost, we can offer drone filming solutions for your wedding party.

Beautiful Bridal Portraits
7 Ways to take Beautiful Bridal Portraits by CandleLight Photography Studio NYC
Why Should You Choose Indian Photographers Wedding Photo Albums?

Custom Designed Fine Art Wedding Photo Albums by CandleLight Studio NYC

At Candlelight Studio, excellence is the key. We do not stop at anything except perfection and always try to push the bar to satisfy our clients. Each wedding is an opportunity for us to showcase the best of our photography, videography and photo printing skills. Our photographers and videography team work relentlessly to capture every part of your wedding. But, we do not just stop there. We take care to edit the photos and videos to create premium albums of your preferences and help you treasure them for life.

Choose Custom Designing To Create Personalized Albums
At Candlelight Studio, we value the desires of our clients. While we have several templates for the design, layout, and covers of your premium albums, we focus on letting you personalize. Each wedding is different from the other and is unique because of the different people involved. So why should the albums look the same?

Breathtaking Bridal Portraits
10 Breathtaking Bridal Portraits that will last forever | CandleLight Photography Studio NYC

Have a glance at the distinctive qualities of our Indian wedding photographers in New York.

We think that Indian bridal photography is not merely about ticking multiple things off the to-do list of your wedding. It’s not just about clicking shots of the nuptial rituals and group photographs. We creatively visualize a shot, guide you to picture-perfect poses, and use innovative ideas, concepts, and angles to shoot. Our creativity gets you the most enthralling pictures in your album.

Attention to every detail
Our creative eyes ensure that your photos are unique. Accuracy and an eye for detail are vital for wedding photos. Our Indian wedding photographers in NYC do not like to snap pictures randomly. Even the slightest details catch the attention of our photographers and turn into a picture full of warmth.

We try to weave a story with our pictures, paying attention to the details. Like, clicking different close-ups and angles when the bride is getting ready to form a beautiful beginning to this picturesque tale of love and union. Moreover, we have a keen eye for wedding rituals and the party. Nothing is overlooked during your wedding photo session. Our camera captures everything from the bride’s shoes, wedding attire, and jewelry to the venue’s decoration and the lights. We never miss the highlights of the venue where the bride and the groom will take their seats.

Wedding Photographers New York | Quality shoots at a reasonable price

Do you need wedding photos that tug at your heart strings? Hire us for wedding photography New York while creating the knot with your partner.

South Asian Weddings
Finding the Right Wedding Photographer for South Asian Weddings
Breathtaking Bridal Portraits
10 Breathtaking Bridal Portraits that will last forever | CandleLight Photography Studio NYC

Are you now interested in our Indian wedding photography packages in New York? We provide you with custom packages and reasonable pricing. With high-resolution images, we offer both digital files and quality printouts.

Our team of wedding photographers comprises a group of editors to remove flaws from the photographs that are selected for the photo album, to make them look perfect. Although it needs time, our photographers and editors have the patience to do it within the deadline.

Our Indian wedding photographers and videographers will be with you at every moment. Consult with our professionals and know the estimate based on your needs. Our budget-friendly wedding photography package will surely please you.

With our drone photography and experienced team capturing the whole event, your guests do not have to worry about getting a picture with the bride and groom, and they can just sit back and be present in the moment. And that is what matters the most, to be able to enjoy the beautiful moments that life has to offer without frantically trying to catch the memory before it fades away.

Best Indian Photographers NY for South Asian Wedding Photography

A premium photography studio specializing in South Asian Wedding Ceremony Photography and Videography in New York and New Jersey.

South Indian Wedding Photography
Romantic Outdoor South Indian Wedding Photography
South Indian Wedding Videography
Engagement and South Indian Wedding Photography
South Indian Wedding Photographer
Affordable photography prices by South Indian Wedding Photographer

Photography, Videography, and Cinematography for South Asian Weddings

Gear up as you are going to tie the knot with your partner. Our wedding videographers and cinematographers know how energetic you will be on that day. Our videographers are always ready to capture your special moments and festive celebrations.

We have the most affordable wedding film package that pleases every bride and groom. Our professional cinematographers apply the artistic flair to create your wedding video. We capture and edit all details to create the best wedding movie, from the Sangeet dance to every part of your wedding ceremony.

A wedding videography session is not merely a click-and-shoot job. Our professional videographers and cinematographers capture your unique story and reveal it as the best wedding film. We record videos from multiple angles to give the best feelings to the viewers. Our shoots span over your special day, and we cover all your wedding and pre-wedding rituals with vivid details.

You will find the Haldi, Mehendi ceremony, bridal shower, and all such family occasions from the beginning to the end. We blend various moments to create the best wedding video for our clients.

NY Photographer Surinder Singh for Punjabi Wedding Photography

NY Photographer offers Sikh Punjabi Wedding Photography at Affordable Price

Sikh Wedding Photography NYC
Sikh Wedding Photography by Indian Photographer Surinder Singh NY

Anand Karaj “Blissful Union” is the Sikh marriage ceremony introduced by Guru Amar Das. His successor Guru Ram Das composed the four Lavan.

Sikh weddings are a mixture of grand celebrations and pious rituals. Sikh brides and grooms embrace their culture and enjoy their wedding day while performing different rituals. As a team of wedding photographers in NYC, we know how these couples like to create precious memories on a bridal day. Our videographers also capture the dance, song, and prayers to prepare for the wedding ceremony.

We offer at least 5 to 6-hour coverage in every wedding photography package covering Jagoo, Mahiya, and Choora ceremonies related to Punjabi and Sikh weddings. In the pre-wedding events, we get a chance to capture the would-be couples’ families and friends’ real emotions. We never overlook the moment when the groom’s mother puts mahiya on his hands, and a bride’s uncle puts bangles on her hands.

Before starting our Sikh wedding photo session in NYC, we create a wedding photo checklist. We do not miss the moment when a groom is putting on his turban and applying Surma on his eyes to get ready.

Our wedding photographers also manage to capture each moment of the Milni and Barat. As the Barat involves energetic dance performances of the excited families, our videographers play an essential role at this time. During Milni, we get ready for outdoor photography, as it is performed outside the Gurudwara Sahib. Hire the NY Indian Photographers for Sikh wedding photography and videography and get the most precious moments captured perfectly for generations to cherish.

Wedding Photography NYC

High patience
Patience is an essential quality of our professional Indian wedding photographer. We maintain sky-high standards of wedding photography with patience, dedication, and passion. Our good temperament and compassionate nature help us to achieve success.

Only 10 to 20% of the wedding photography process is about technical details. The rest is about patience, observation, and finding the right angle to bring an edge to the photographs and even the simplest frames. Our candid Indian wedding photographers in NYC wait for the right moment to bring out your best facial expressions in print.

South Indian Wedding Photography
Best South Asian Wedding Photographer

Jersey Wedding Photographers for Gujarati Wedding Photography in NY NJ

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Hindu Wedding Photography and Videography

Hindu wedding ceremonies include a plethora of rituals. Our Indian wedding photographers take a photojournalistic approach to immortalize seconds of emotions.

We get busy photographing every pre-wedding moment and the elaborate rituals. Most Hindu weddings start with the Haldi, as the families of both sides purify the couple with a Turmeric paste.

Bridesmaids and relatives love to have fun with the paste of Haldi, and our photographers take a shot of these fun-filled activities. Our photographers take close shots of the excellent Mehndi designs on the bride’s palms in the Mehendi ceremony.

During the Barat, when the groom arrives at the decorated venues, our Indian wedding photographers click exclusive details of the greeting ceremony while the videographers record the lively dance. When the bride and groom reach the mandap, they exchange colorful garlands, making a picture-perfect moment for us.

Another thing that we love to shoot is the Pheras, where the couples must make vows. We understand the value of the emotional moments of a Hindu wedding ceremony, such as the kanyadaan and bidaai, and never fail to capture the emotional tears of the bride and her family.

Wedding photography for sangeet celebrations

Sangeet is one of the pre-wedding rituals for both Hindu and Muslim marriages. The two families come together, have fun, and engage in lots of informal activities. Besides, our photographers and videographers engage themselves fully in the live events, marked by songs and dance performances.

Our close relationships with different South Asian couples and our dedication have helped us learn lots of things. We understand that a wedding is something more than two families and two souls coming together. Every guest at the wedding party is essential. By following Indian traditions, the new couples and their relatives celebrate the wedding event for several days. As we have worked with Indian clients, we have learned about memorable moments, rituals, and performances. This knowledge enabled us to pay attention to every detail. We provide you with signature-style Indian wedding photography that reflects timeless creativity and traditions.

Our photographers know that cultural diversities mark the differences in wedding rituals, and we have knowledge of the traditions from our experience. Our team can travel to different parts of New York to please our clients who need destination photography services.

Bespoke Indian Wedding Photography Packages

Gujarati Wedding Photography

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Affordable Photographers in New York

Are you ready to tie the knot with your soul mate? It’s indeed a special day where you unite with your loved one with all your heart and soul. It’s the beginning of a love story for some, while it’s the climactic moment for others. The wedding day is a roller coaster ride of emotions. You cry, laugh, and you have mixed feelings in your heart. But how do you capture these exceptional moments forever?

Our Indian wedding photographers in New York have learned the art of observation, which is vital to capture the best wedding moments. The photographer must have an eye for details to click the range of emotions and activities surrounding the two families. Our dedication and strive for perfection have enabled us to master the art of the best Indian wedding photography.

As the day ends, your guests will leave, and the celebration will come to an end. The only thing that will stay with you forever is the wedding photo album. It’s not an easy job to capture the best moments with flair on your special day. Only a skilled photographer can help you treasure each and every moment of your wedding day. Every time you look through the album, our photos will bring tears of joy to your eyes.

However, Indian weddings are a costly affair, shooting up your budget with myriads of expenses. When young brides and grooms celebrate their dream union, their faces ooze out unbound joy. But, the burden of the hefty price of professional wedding photography services snatches away their happiness. Professional wedding photography costs a lot, making many people shy away because of the expenditure.

South Asian Indian Wedding Photography

Best value from affordable South Indian wedding photographers in NYC

Budget-Friendly NYC Photographers

But there’s good news for you. We are a team of Indian wedding photographers in NYC providing comprehensive wedding photography without burning a hole in your pocket. Our candid wedding photography in New York reveals the true love between couples. The wedding photos are romantic and edgy, timeless and modern, tender and bold. To make matters affordable for you, we deliver such excellent quality photographs at a minimal rate. Our cost-effective wedding photography may comprise just 10 to 15% of your budget.

We understand the budget constraints that overshadow your happiness. That is why we have thought of providing pocket-friendly Indian wedding photography to our clients. Our wedding photography covers only a small part of your investment without putting further stress on your budget. Do not hesitate to buy our Indian wedding photography packages in NYC. We are sure that you will never regret your decision to hire us on your D-day when you see your wedding album.

However, based on your budget, we can scale up our wedding photography packages. While some couples would like to have costly high-end photography packages, others prefer minimalism. We serve clients of both these groups without compromising with novelty and quality. We promise to be with you till the end of the day, capturing your pre-wedding sessions, engagement ceremonies, wedding rituals, and family photographs.

We provide Pre-wedding, Engagement photoshoots, and full-day wedding photography and Videography services at affordable prices for every budget.

Muslim Wedding Photography

We Capture Your Best Moments Before and After The Muslim Wedding

NYC Indian wedding photographers

Why choose us – Qualities you find in our wedding photography services are not just limited to your wedding day. We can arrange for the most romantic pre-wedding photoshoots, creating cinematic moments between you and your beloved. Also, check out our post-wedding photography that captures the newly flying sparks after you have tied the knot. With our post-wedding photos, you can rediscover the romance in your relationship. While you stay hand-in-hand with your partner on the beach, in a cafe, or in the garden, we create magic with our lenses. Your love is the spice needed to make post-wedding photography beautiful.

Weddings have always occupied a special place in the hearts of people. No matter what religion or ethnicity you belong to, weddings have always made everyone excited. To preserve the excitement and emotions connected with a wedding, couples are always on the lookout for the best wedding photographers.

In today’s world the true essence of wedding photography results from a reliable and skilled group of professionals who care about, appreciate and respect the affection and delight inherent in your big day. That is the reason Candlelight Photography Studio has put together a team of New York City wedding photographers who work discreetly in the background, capture even the smallest detail, ensure your wedding photos and videos precisely and carefully mirrors the special moments and feelings of your one of a kind wedding. Indian Photographers are specialized in Indian, Pakistani, Bangladeshi, Southeast Asian Weddings, Shaadi, Marriages, Mehndi, Nikah, Walima, and other events.

Best NYC Photographer for Muslim Wedding Photography and Videography

Nikah and Muslim Wedding Photography and Videography by the Best NYC Pakistani Photographer

Muslim Wedding Photography
Everything You Need to Know About Muslim Wedding Photography
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Nikah and Muslim Wedding Photography and Videography New York

Muslim weddings are the beautiful occasions that include the celebrations of bride and groom Nikah as well as their promise to faith.

We are not only talking about the Muslim wedding ceremonies but also are fortunate enough to enjoy a lot of them. Yes, we have enjoyed and captured a lot of Muslim wedding ceremonies throughout our 20 years of wedding photography and videography career.

Are you having Nikah soon? Or having a mehndi, or a pre-wedding function coming in near future? Here you are!

Thank you for considering us!

  • About Muslim wedding photographers New York:

We are a team of professional Indian Photographers who offer their photography and videography services in New York, New jersey and nearby areas. We started practicing our passion officially back in 2000. And now, we have become experienced in all types of wedding photography. We proudly say that we are among the best photographers in New York and New Jersey area.

We have successfully covered over 1100 weddings and events and counting more. Our success lies in the fact that we capture the natural moments beautifully without making them formal or uncomfortable for you or your family. We cover all wedding events (Mehndi, Barat) including pre-marriage celebrations, bridal showers, engagement ceremonies, and of course the Walima events.

Not only our photography skills but also our flexible wedding photography packages attract the customers more. So, what you are searching further?

Hire us today to avail our special discount for your special day photography!

The Arabic term, ‘Nikkah’ represents marriage in the Muslim community. It indicates the officially celebrated wedding ceremony. While dabbing with different pious rituals in the Muslim wedding events, our wedding photographers shoot the best photos. Our team is highly organized, and we can capture candid and detailed shots perfectly.

We engage ourselves in different ceremonies, like the Mehndi, Shaadi, Nikkah, and Walima. In most cases, Muslim wedding events continue for 3 to 4 days. For these 4 days, we have become a part of the family to provide our clients with the best quality photos.

Our primary focus is on the bride’s outfits and her heavy jewelry. We also have dedicated shots for the groom’s Sherwani. We have an eye for the bright colors, like gold and bright red, that characterize Muslim wedding ceremonies. Thus, you will get vibrant wedding photos of your ceremony. At your request, we will engage cinematographers in the photography sessions

  • Communication skills

Our work starts from the day we consult with you. Our wedding photographers are not only skilled in technical details but also have excellent communication skills. As we communicate with you, we learn about your preferred poses and shots. You can feel at home when you discuss your vision.

Proper communication benefits both you and our photographers. We know about timelines, events, and preferences during the consultation to prepare ourselves in the best way. At the end of the communication, we finalize the agreement with you.

While hiring our professionals, you can ask us about our lighting options, audio-video quality, number of cameras, editing style, and USB Drives. You may also find these details from our portfolios.

Punjabi Wedding Photography

Punjabi Wedding Photography
Who Are the Best New York Punjabi Wedding Photographers?
Punjabi Wedding Videography
How to Find the Best New York Punjabi Wedding Photographer
Punjabi Wedding Photographer
Best Punjabi Photographers for Weddings in New York
  • Love for artistry

Our photographers view photography as an art rather than just a profession. Like sculptors and painters with their own techniques and styles, our photographers have unique styles of shooting. Our artistic knowledge and aesthetics enable us to click distinguished photographs. You can find the touch of artistry in the way we capture photos, choose a photo backdrop, and edit the image.

  • Quality work as samples

Our Indian wedding photographers in New York have already gained the trust of several brides and grooms. Look at our portfolio to get a view of our past works. While looking through our photos, you can find how we have incorporated different stylistic elements. Ask for the pre-wedding and wedding albums we have done to envision yourself in them and customize your needs. When our clients speak to us for the first time, we show how we have knitted raw moments to create photo books. Our portfolio has convinced more than 1000 clients to hire us for wedding photography in New York.

  • We have invested in the best equipment

The best quality photographs need high-end cameras and lenses. Our photographers are equipped with premium and latest photography equipment to provide you with crystal clear images.

  • Our team is dedicated to beauty and punctuality

Celebrate your wedding day knowing the fact that our photographers will never miss a moment. We create our photography schedule when you finalize the contract with us and stick to the deadlines.

  • Our NYC photographers are familiar with Punjabi wedding cultures

Our clients are from different South Asian countries, including India. Our photographers are well-versed with various cultures and the diversities of the South Asian communities. We cater to all clients from various religious and cultural backgrounds and highlight their culture and traditions’ quintessential details.

South Indian Wedding Video Highlights by New York Photographers

South Indian Wedding Video Highlights in 5 Minutes

South Indian Wedding Photography and Videos

Video Highlights of Gujarati Wedding Ceremony

Gujarati Wedding Ceremony Photography

10 Minutes Punjabi Wedding Video Highlights

Punjabi Wedding Photography and Videography

Benefits of Indian Photographer for Guyanese Wedding Photography

Guyanese Wedding Photography Captured by Queens NY Photographer and Videographer

Guyanese Wedding Photography
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Guyanese Wedding Photographer
Indian Photographers in NYC for Guyanese Wedding Photography

Indoor and outdoor wedding photography services- Capturing love in NYC

Some clients ask our photographers to assist them in choosing the best outdoor wedding photography venue. Most of them prefer a beach, a castle, or a garden to click cinematic moments.

We specialize in clicking wedding photographs both indoors and outdoors.

Our Indian wedding photographers check out the availability of natural light and artificial light for indoor wedding photography. We may need to use flash while there is dim light in the indoor space.

When you have chosen a church for photography, it may have a dark interior with dim fluorescent lights. That’s why we make special arrangements for the best lighting effects.

While keeping everything simple, we present you with the perfect indoor wedding photograph. We check out every detail of the indoor venue before starting our photo sessions.

Our wedding photographers are also specialized in outdoor photography. If it is pleasant weather in New York City, we ask our clients to prepare for outdoor photography. The settings and green surroundings of NYC wedding venues make beautiful backdrops to click your wedding photos. The natural light can change with time during outdoor photography and leave a beautiful glow on the bride’s face.

Our team likes to maintain consistency in the wedding photos. In some cases, we combine both indoor and outdoor wedding photography services.

Preserve Your Memories For A Lifetime

By choosing our expert Indian photography and videography services, you do not need to worry if the big moments of your life are being captured or not. We will not only capture those timeless moments with our high tech cameras and videography equipment, but we will also preserve them for you in the form of flush mount photo albums and cinematic 4K videos so you can show your kids and grandkids high-resolution photos and videos of the most important day of your life.

Why should You Choose NY Photographers for Church Wedding Photography?

NY photographer for Awesome Church Wedding Photography and video coverage in Long Island, NY

Church Wedding Photography
Photography and Videography of a Church Wedding Ceremony
Church Wedding Ceremony
10 Best Church Wedding Photos by CandleLight Photography Studio NYC
Church Wedding Photographers
Christian Wedding Photography by CandleLight Studio NYC
Church Wedding Videographers
Professional Photography at a Church Wedding Ceremony by CandleLight Studio NYC
Christian Wedding Photography
Church Wedding Pictures from the Aisle to Your Exit by CandleLight Photography Studio NYC
Christian Wedding Photographers
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Church Wedding Ceremony Photography and Videography

CandleLight Studio has been capturing the intimacy and beauty of this celebration for over 20 years now. Founded by Indian photographer, Surinder Singh, CandleLight Studio brings in experience and professionalism into a whole new level.

As a team of hyper-enthusiastic photographers in New York, we have worked with several Christian brides and grooms. The wedding rituals for the Christian community are different from Hindu, Sikh, and Pakistani weddings. Christian couples enjoy their church-based ceremonies, and the brides are mostly decked up in white gowns.

We aim to capture gorgeous wedding photos of the light falling on the face of the radiant bride.

Our camera captures every detail that puts together the event, including the classic bridal gown, the bridesmaids, and the reception venue filled with fun, dances, dining, and speeches. While the bride is busy merrymaking with her friends, we go about with our candid photography skills.

We look for candid moments of love rather than choreographed poses. We love candid captures when the bride shyly exchanges a glance with her partner. Our photographers shoot the bride, getting ready for the wedding to document your journey to the venue. Expect all the attractive reception details and the religious rituals in the album.

Our wedding photographers in NYC identify sentimental moments of your Christian bridal ceremony. But we give equal importance to your relatives, friends, and other guests invited to the party. Thus, when we create your Christian wedding photo album, you will find the smiling face of everyone you have invited to the party.

Coming to the much-awaited photoshoot, you can choose a church, a stunning garden, or any other backdrop for a photo session. While clicking photos, we know how to pick out the aesthetics of your chosen site and make your photo more striking. Our photographers love the ambiance and style of Christian weddings.

We incorporate distinctive elements into your photos to make them look unique. Our beautiful photography matches the high level of elegance found in every Christian wedding ceremony. We know what you like to add to your photos to maintain the classic touch you desire in your wedding photos.

Moreover, as photography is precious to our clients, we reach the venue before the scheduled time. However, in a church wedding ceremony, we ask our clients to know the church’s photography rules. We also try to find restrictions imposed on photography in the church. If the church has limited space and time restrictions, it is better to choose a hotel for the party and photoshoot later. Our wedding photographers in New York can also assist you with different wedding venues in the city

Destination Wedding Photography by CandleLight Studio NYC

Photographers/Videographers. Will you be bringing someone from your city/state or you prefer to hire someone at the location. This can get tricky. When bringing a photographer with you, the cost can be a factor, since you’ll have to cover all the costs (flights, meals, housing). If you are getting married outside of North America, you should know that most photographers/videographers may not have up-to-date equipment available.

  • The big city has lots of venues for both small and large gatherings.
  • It is also easy to get a marriage license in NYC.
  • There are child-friendly services in different hotels.
  • You can find several attractions that can serve you as your photo backdrop. For instance, some couples like to get clicked in front of the Statue of Liberty and the Hudson River.

Indian Wedding Video Highlights by New York Photographers

Sikh Wedding Ceremony Video Highlights Trailer

Sikh Punjabi Wedding Photography

South Indian Kerala Malayalee Wedding Video Highlights

South Asian Indian Wedding Ceremony

Guyanese Wedding Video Highlights in 7 Minutes

Guyanese Wedding Photography and Videography

New York Wedding Photograpers

Average Price Wedding Photographers
Outstanding Work NYC Wedding Photographers at Affordable Prices

We Indian photographers of NYC have accepted the challenge of clicking photos in diverse environments in the city of New York.

From castles to beaches, our photographers have traveled to different destinations. Our clients feel that there is a sort of mystery present in our photographing success.

Hire us for wedding photography services in New York. We will provide you with a trendy photoshoot to flaunt the quirkiest photographs and garner maximum likes.

You can choose the props and backdrop to your liking.

Why are wedding memories important:

While you may be overwhelmed with emotions on your wedding day you may not remember all the small details of your wedding, which is where we Indian photographers come in.

At candlelight photography studio, our experienced Indian photographers will capture each small detail for you, so you can cherish them and relieve your wedding moments even if they fade away from your memory over time.

Average Cost Wedding Photographers
Average Cost Indian Wedding Photographers New York

Top Wedding Photographers New York for Bangladeshi Wedding Photography

Bangladeshi Wedding Photography and Gaye Holud Video by the Top Wedding Photographers of New York

Bangladeshi Wedding Photography
New York City photographers for Bangladeshi Wedding Photography
Bangladeshi Wedding Videography
Candlelight Photography Studio NY offers Bangladeshi Wedding Videography
Bangladeshi Wedding Photographer
NYC wedding photography by Bangladeshi Wedding Photographer

Hire NY wedding Photographers to get your Bangladeshi Dream Wedding photoshoot Done!

No matter it is your Gaye Holud, Mehndi, Barat, or Walima, we as a team of highly skilled Indian photographers are ready to capture your special days. The thing that differentiates us from others is that we not only offer you the best photoshoot of your wedding but also offer it in an affordable budget package for your Bangladeshi wedding photography.

We believe that real smiles and laughs are real, they are not the pretended ones, so all we photograph is real and natural. We also offer discounts on our all-photography packages, so that you can get the best photos and video highlights within your range of budget.

Do not worry about the poses, as we don’t expect much. We ourselves capture the natural moments in a beautiful way. We will make it dazzling for you, and they are not mere words. We actually mean it. You can check out various shoots done by us to judge it yourself.

So, Do not miss this opportunity of availing discount on your favorite photography package for your Bangladeshi wedding photography and videography!

While channeling our years of knowledge and skills in the fine art photography field, we blend photographs of candid moments to illustrate the couples’ story.

In some cases, photographers miss out on special moments of a Bangladeshi wedding event. However, a person preparing a video for the would-be brides and grooms is highly observant. That is why we have employed cinematographers and videographers in our team.

Our professional and reliable cinematographers also have learned the most effective tricks to make every session successful.

We are deeply romantic, and without this romanticism, we cannot make a perfect wedding photo shoot. Our photos are timeless in style and sensibility.

Our photographers think that couples should feel comfortable while we capture their love chemistry.

Therefore, hire our Indian photographers for your Bangladeshi wedding photography and get the must-have shots in your wedding album. We will please you with the final deliverables available at the best price.

Call us today to save 5% or more on your Wedding Photography Packages.

4K Video Highlights by Indian Wedding Photographers NYC

Church Ceremony Wedding Highlights Video

Church Wedding Photography NYC

Traditional Jewish Wedding Video Highlights

Jewish Wedding Photography and Videography

Wedding Video Highlights of Full Day Wedding

Church Wedding Videography and Video Highlights

Wedding Portraits

We offer traditional wedding portraits and black and white wedding photography, which will add a vintage touch to your wedding pictures.


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Affordable Wedding Photography by Indian Photographers of New York.

Best Indian Wedding Photography by Affordable Indian Photographers NYC.

The Best Wedding Photographer NY For The Most Precious Indian Wedding Photography.

Our expertise and passion for Indian wedding photography from the beginning to the end

South Indian Wedding Photography
Beautiful South Indian Wedding Photography NY
  • Preparing for the photography

As we serve Indian brides from different cultures, we need to have a brief consultation before the wedding photoshoot. It helps us to familiarize ourselves with traditions, norms, and rituals performed during the ceremony. Moreover, we have interests not only in photography but also in different Indian cultures.

We take much time to listen to your rituals and prepare our vision based on your instructions. While some Indians have a small wedding ceremony, others celebrate a gala event. However, we give equal importance to all types of South Asian wedding ceremonies.

  • We like to know about the venue

Wedding photography is not always about brides, grooms, and relatives. We need to know every detail of your chosen wedding venue in New York. Our team may check the venue before the wedding day to plan the lighting and identify the most picturesque sites.

Moreover, we visualize the map of the site and focus on the spots to be covered. That’s why we make the best effort to reach your venue and inspect it thoroughly.

Wedding Photographers New York (NYC)

Indian Photographers Near Me in NYC
Budget Friendly Wedding Photography by Indian Photographers Near Me

Tie the Knot with Affordable Indian Wedding Photographers New York NYC

Wedding Videographers NYC
Best Wedding Videographers NYC and the Knot Photographers NJ
  • Indian wedding photographers New York NYC have been capturing wedding photography’s intimacy and beauty at affordable prices for over 20 years.

Indian Wedding Photographers New York NYC offers wedding photography packages at affordable prices

Indian Wedding Photographers NYC NJ CandleLight Studio is a 20-year-old wedding photography service in New York and New Jersey. Founded by Surinder Singh, we are a group of Indian wedding photographers who take pride in our craft. We are experienced and professional, and in our tenure in the industry, we have worked with thousands of clients at affordable prices.

We know that planning a wedding is not only stressful but can also make anyone anxious. And we are here to make your life a bit easier and to make your special day something you won’t forget in the years to come. Trust us on this. We will make your day stress-free.

  • Special Moments Wedding Photography by the best Indian wedding photographers in the World
  • Premium Indian Photographers NYC

Satisfaction is paramount. Professional Indian Photographers make sure your Photography needs are fulfilled. Premium Indian Photographers establish a relationship based on trust and impeccable service.

Surinder Singh, an Indian photographer, respects the wedding rituals and customs that couples believe in. He is aware of the different events that happen through the wedding and is known to deliver photos that fully capture these moments’ significance. Surinder Singh fully understands the role of tradition and culture in the vows of love and devotion. Aside from that, he is also very experienced in cultural weddings popular in the South Asian region.  

  • Stunning Eye-Catching photos by NY Indian Photographers

Indian Photographers are specialized in Indian, Pakistani, Bangladeshi, Southeast Asian Weddings, Shaadi, Marriages, Mehndi, Nikah, Walima, and other events. Indian Photographers are very familiar with the cultures and traditions. Professional Indian Photographers capture the memories in high-resolution Digital Photos.

  • Perfect and creative Indian Wedding Photography by CandleLight Studio NYC
  • Wedding Photography by Indian Photographers of NJ

Photography is an art and a science. The Special moments of your Wedding, Birthday, Anniversary, Sweet Sixteen16, Graduation, Southeast Asian Indian Shaadi, Panjabi Punjabi Sikh Marriage, Muslim Nikah and Walima, Bar Mitzvah, Bat Mitzvah, and other similar events can only be captured once. Making them last forever is the promise given by Professional Indian Photographers.

  • Indian Wedding Photographers New York City
  • Indian Wedding Photographers, Cinematographers, Videographers for photography and cinematography services in NYC, NJ, New York.
  • New York City Indian Wedding Photography with passion, energy, and unique style
  • New Jersey Indian Wedding Photographers
  • Capture the Majesty of Your Special Day with the best Indian Wedding Photographers of New Jersey.
  • Premium Indian Wedding Photographers NYC
  • Traditional Indian wedding ceremonies are grand affairs. Two major events precede the main wedding ceremony. One is the engagement ceremony, and the other is the Mehendi or Sangeet ceremony. Both the occasions are celebrated with music, dance, and merriment.
  • Best Wedding Photography by Fearless Indian Wedding Photographer
  • Relive the Moment with Eye-Catching photos by NY Indian Wedding Photographers
  • The common feature of all Indian wedding ceremonies is that both parties make the best possible efforts to make the event a successful one. It is not just a celebration of marriage between two people; rather, it is a joyful occasion to celebrate two families’ unification.
  • Wedding Photography by one of the top ten Indian Wedding Photographer in New York NY
  • Gorgeous Indian Wedding Photography by Indian Photographers of NJ
  • The ceremony is followed by a feast in which the most sumptuous food is served. The best possible delicacies are prepared for the occasion. The food largely depends upon the region to which the couple belongs to.
  • A romantic Central Park engagement session with Indian Wedding Photographers in New York (NYC)
  • Beautiful Indian wedding photography and pre-wedding videos by Indian Wedding Photographers in New York NY
  • Indian Wedding Photographers in NYC specializing in Engagement photography in NY and NJ
  • New York City (NYC) Indian Wedding Photographer is the Best wedding photographer in NYC.
  • Best New York City Indian Wedding Photographers for Your Special Day Photos
  • NYC Indian Wedding Photographer a one-stop for wedding photography in NY
  • Your wedding planning journey starts with NYC Indian Wedding Photographers
  • New York Indian Wedding Photographer is a premium photography studio in NY
  • Weddings are celebrations of love with NYC Indian Wedding photography
  • Best Indian Wedding Photo Studios | CandleLight Studio NY
  • International award-winning Indian Wedding Photographers in America who believes in real moments
  • Intimate and beautiful photography by Indian Wedding Photographer in Manhattan
  • Indian & American Wedding Photography is best for storytelling on a wedding day
  • Plan the perfect rehearsal dinner with Manhattan Indian Wedding Photographers New York (NYC)
  • Indian Wedding & Portrait Photographer serving the areas of New York and New Jersey
  • New York City Wedding Photography specializing in documenting dream weddings across the world
  • Elegance and beauty captured by NYC Wedding Photographers
  • NYC wedding photography studio is one of New York City’s Best Wedding Photographers
  • Memories of Tying the Knot Wedding Photographers New York NY
  • Cost of Wedding Photographers in New York NY
  • Capturing the Knot Moment
  • Wedding Photographers in NYC even captured my nervous smile!
  • Memories of Getting Married Captured by Wedding Photographers in New York (NYC)
  • Relive your special moments of City Hall Wedding Photography
  • Wedding Celebration Photography by South Asian Indian Wedding Photographers
  • Punjabi Wedding Photographers with our unique style of cinematic wedding photography
  • Award-winning Punjabi Wedding Photography by CandleLight Studio NY
  • Indian Wedding Photographers NYC NJ