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Our wedding photography package mainly includes service like

  • High-resolution digital photography
  • Drone photography
  • Cinematic 4K Videography
  • live stream your wedding to anyone, anywhere in the world
  • Flush mount photo album
  • 5 minutes Video highlights of the Full day Wedding
  • Edited videos with smooth transitions, titles, and matching songs
  • Photos and videos stored in USB drives
  • Free upload of your favorite pictures and video Highlights on the internet

Factors important to our wedding photographers

Although our photography style is the most relevant factor, we focus on other aspects of your bridal day.

  • Your family and friends

Some of our clients ask- Do you shoot family photos on a wedding day? A wedding is not just a union of two souls. It unites two families with a social bond. As your family members celebrate your wedding party, they should be a part of our photography. We like to devote attention and time to your family members. You can find their emotions manifested in photos taken at Houston Weddings.

  • Your natural posing

Some brides and grooms become stiff when they come in front of our camera. Still, you may need to follow our directions to create comfortable and natural poses. When you are in a natural pose, we can capture your personality with our camera. Some young brides like to take their own preferred poses, and we provide them with a few tips to correct any improper pose.

  • Your fun activities

You may be engaged in playful, fun, and silly activities with your pals. Although those scenes are ridiculous, you are in your comfort zone. That is why we choose these moments to capture photos. Your smiles will look more beautiful in these pre-wedding and engagement photos.

  • Other details

You have invested a big amount in decorating your wedding venue. We never overlook floral arrangements, candy bars, and centerpieces. Our cool shots will deliver gorgeous pictures.

  • Best NYC photographers for couples from any religion

We do not just snap photos. We are a team of professional photographers. We have served clients with different cultural backgrounds, and they have diverse wedding customs. Although we may not know about your wedding rituals and customs, we can capture every detail. Moreover, our photos will reflect the authenticity and genuineness of your love.

Your wedding day will be full of color, and our photos will never be colorless. We have learned the technique of interracial, multicultural, and interfaith couples. Indian Wedding Photographer Brooklyn, NY.

While some brides choose grooms of their community, others prefer partners from a different community. However, this fact does not affect our photo quality. As we have served lots of clients, we have found clients with different flavors. Caste and religion can never interfere with our photo shoot. When you are in NYC, you can hire our Indian wedding photographer in Long Island New York.

Wedding photography frequently asked consultancy questions

How much is an Indian wedding photographer in nyc?

The price of Indian wedding photographer in NYC ranges between $1500 and $3000. CandleLight Studio offer live streaming of wedding videos with multiple camera angles on YouTube and Facebook.

Who are the best new york wedding photographers?

The candleLight photography studio is an award-winning wedding photography and videography company specializing in south Asian and modern western weddings in New York, New Jersey, and their surrounding areas.

What makes us different from other top new york wedding photographers?

The candlelight photography studio has been photographing and videotaping precious moments of weddings and events of various nationalities and religious backgrounds for over 20 years. We have served more than 1100 clients, including traditional south Asian weddings, modern western weddings, City Hall weddings, and destination weddings.

Do you include live streaming in wedding photography packages?

Virtual weddings are becoming a trend. Candlelight photography studio offers live streaming of virtual weddings with multiple camera angles. Live wedding stream allows virtual guests worldwide a complete view of your wedding as if they were there.

Do you shoot family photos during a wedding day?

Family Portraits are one of the crucial parts of our wedding photography package. We never overlook family portraits when our clients hire us. These family photos are highly treasured mementos in your photo book. While keeping our wedding photography package price reasonable, we include the best shots.

Award-Winning Photography by Indian Wedding Photographer NYC

Your love and chemistry are what brought you here, now give us the chance to tell your story that too through high-quality photos and videos.

The Best Indian Wedding Photographer

Precious moments of your day by Indian Wedding Photographer

Indian wedding photographer in Queens NY for quality photos

Weddings we cover:
Marriage is a commitment and a beautiful new journey that involves a lot of new experiences. So before getting ahead, everyone has a wish of their big day to be the priority in photoshoots, videography, and cinematography. New York Indian Wedding Photographer really values it and makes it a reality by focusing on you during this very precious time of your life. Our goal is to see smiles on the couple’s faces that they love the moment that was captured at a perfect time.

That is why it is said that life is a collection of moments and memories that we have got from our childhood to an adult and then the next age. Those memories that you preserved long ago make you smile years after in your life when you see them.

You can also be a part of our beautiful large family by hiring us for your event now! We will offer you some discount if you confirm us today.

Pakistani and Muslim Shaadi:
If you are a Muslim and looking for someone who can capture traditional Pakistani wedding events like a pro! Here you are.

New York Indian wedding photographer offers highly flexible options and pictures/shoots that you’d love to see. We know much about Pakistani culture and we also have experienced various Muslim Shaadi and Nikah ceremonies during our past years of photography and videography in the NY and NJ areas. Be sure that the pictures will be of High-quality and can be used in photo albums easily. You can also display your wedding photo session on the walls. Pictures are shared in the soft copy as well.

Additionally, we also upload your pictures and video clips on our website for free.

We will cover your whole event with our latest camera, video capturers, and drone shots, so you get the best results in the end.

We do suggest photo session poses if you feel shy about it. We understand your concerns and privacy so do not worry about that. Our NYC Indian wedding photographer will assist you during your big day’s photo session.

Videography and Cinematic shots:
We also offer video highlights and cinematic shots of your Shaadi if you want to. Saying goodbye to your parents and going with someone is not so easy. We value your emotions and sentiments of that time, so we take it as the most special shoot without missing any moment. Couples thanks us later when they go through their photo albums and smile because video highlights and shots were taken at perfect times refresh those moments in their minds.

So, what is stopping you from hiring us then? Book now and enjoy a Flat 5% off on your NY wedding photography package.

World of choices are available to the couple and their families to choose the best package for their wedding ceremony.

Creative Indian Wedding Photographer
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Engagement session photography by Wedding Photographer NY

Real wedding photos by the best Indian wedding photographer NJ

Indian Weddings:
Indian weddings usually last for 3 days and these days have different events associated with. Each event has its unique importance and moments that everyone enjoys. The bride’s friends and family members celebrate it by singing and dancing to traditional songs. It is the perfect time to shoot the bride’s random laughs and smiles. NY Indian wedding photographer and videographer assure you that the pictures taken would reflect the natural expressions and emotions of those moments.

The people living in NYC and NJ can contact us for their Indian-style marriages. We also have a great knowledge of destinations and wedding photography spots in the NYC area.

We know the culture and traditions of India well as we ourselves have origin in India. We understand the bride and groom’s concerns related to their big day, so hand over this special responsibility to us for the best results.

Other Styles of Photography:
Pakistani and Indian wedding shoots are not just enough to describe our services and specialties. We also offer photographs and cinematography services considering other cultures as well. Like South Asian weddings and Elopement photography. South Asian weddings are a little bit different from Muslim and Indian weddings. We focus on creativity when it comes to capturing random beautiful moments during multiple days of weddings.

We provide highly specialized photographers for the day and nighttime timeless images. We capture loving and romantic moments of couples along with their family friends with creativity. You would be happy with the bride and groom as well as family photos at the moment and would love even more when we share the album of timeless images after.

Destination weddings and City Hall weddings:
If you have not to plan to invite hundreds of guests to your wedding ceremony or engagement and want to go for minimal yet amazing photography that includes timeless images you should consider hiring New York City photographers. As it is among the list of popular wedding photographs captured in NJ and NYC areas. Whether you go for a city hall wedding or a destination wedding, we are at your disposal.

City hall weddings are usually considered for small pre-wedding or wedding ceremonies, but actually, they are not. City Hall weddings are intimate weddings that include a small number of family members and friends, but it does not mean that these weddings do not end up having good memories or amazing shoots. We love to photograph in the City Hall as it is really lovely to focus few people on the available time frame.

Apart from City hall Weddings, our elopement photography is famous in New York and New Jersey areas. The couples usually decide on a beautiful destination for their special day. Around a quarter of the couples including elopement go to a destination wedding.

Local Indian Wedding Photographer
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Awesome Bridal Party Photography by Indian Photographer NY

Bridal portrait by Indian wedding photographer Richmond Hill NY

Christian Wedding Photography by NYC Photographers:
Marriages are a gift from God. HE has written the best partner for everyone that you are going to spend your whole life with. All religions and cultures celebrate them differently, so do the Christians. Christian weddings are celebrated at Churches and the family and loved ones attend the ceremony. Rituals are performed and obviously are captured by our skilled team of wedding photographers in New York to make them even more meaningful and joyful for you. Each custom is unique in its own way, so we capture it that way.

We photograph your beautiful pictures in a unique way and make sure that the end results make you happy beyond your expectations.

Wedding is the time of your life when you are the most important one there, you are the priority of the event and everything else revolves around that. Everyone has some wish related to those moments, most of them are to have a dream photoshoot of their special day. So, to fulfill that, you definitely need a skilled and professional team of photographers who make your dream come true. Candlelight Studio Photographers are ready to do it in the best way for you.

Bride gets ready has her flowers, and bridesmaids with her, excited and anxious for everything that is going to happen. We as the bride’s best friends catch the good moments and smiles in a comfortable and natural way. We know the worth of the bridal’s dress, other preparations (including the arrangement of event, decor, and all others), so we value that all and handle it in an amazing way possible.

Elopement photo sessions by NYC Indian Wedding Photographer:
Elopement wedding photo sessions are part of our photography scope. You should be the priority at your wedding. We know weddings especially elopement weddings bring a lot of emotions with them. But do not worry we will make it easy and comfortable for you. We will capture the genuine smile on your face.

No need to worry about the physical environment of your big day. We have a range of backgrounds available that we can help you with. You can also choose some destination for your shoot, that is totally up to you.

You just need to get ready for your wedding, rest leave to us. We will sort it out for you in the best way.

We will capture the bride and groom’s dress, jewelry, makeup, and everything around that. We share a soft copy of your photos within few days after marriage, photo albums are customized according to your wish, so deliver in a while.

Do not worry about the budget as it will is very flexible. It is totally up to you whether you want to go for 2 to 3 days shoots or a one-day shoot. Other than that, you can also share your budget to get discounted offers.

Fine Art Indian Wedding Photographer NYC
Best Indian Wedding Videographer

Online photo gallery of the best wedding reception pictures

Special moments by Indian wedding videographer

NYC Indian photographers and videographers:
NYC photographers are a professional team of photographers and videographers and work honestly to capture your special moments in a special way. The memories and photos you would love one day. They will remind you of your big day and will refresh all the moments and laughs you had with your loved ones.

Other than photographs, video highlights are the moving pictures that actually make you feel like living in that moment again. Our professional photographers will capture your wedding and event highlights from a beautiful angle that you will remember forever. In addition to that, we offer cinematographic shots that you’d love to see.

Full-Day coverage of events by NY photographers:
Whether it’s your bridal shower, engagement, Mehndi, Barat, or any event, we are here to transform your dream photography into reality. No matter which religious background you belong to, our team of Indian photographers in NY specializes in every type of photography and videography. They have highly skilled professionals who edit the videos before delivering them to you.

Additionally, they are well known for their portrait photography as well. Bridal photography is one of them. So, if you are looking for someone who can capture bridal photos, we are the ones here to serve you.

So, if you want your precious moments captured in a beautiful way, call us now to avail special discount.

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Professional Indian Wedding Videographers

Marriage ceremony photos and video by Indian photographers

wedding on film by Indian wedding videographers

Special shoots by the fearless photographers in New York:
We take every wedding as a unique one and try our best to please the beautiful couple with surprising photos that definitely exceed their expectations. Additionally, when you are getting such an outclass photoshoot on a budget that suits you, what else would you wish for?

Then without getting much late, contact us today and enjoy the additional discount on your big day photo session with our team of NYC photographers.

We do not merely satisfy you with our words, we actually prove that. You can check out our bridal shoots, wedding events coverages on our site. We have a professional experience of 20 plus years in this wedding photography niche and are counting more.

We capture your best moments and edit them before delivering them to you. We deliver soft copies of the photos as well as printed photo albums. You can get your photographs framed if you are interested to put them on the walls of your room.

Additionally, we publish your photos and video highlights on your website and social media for free. In this way, you become the inspiration for other couples who are planning or going to tie the knot soon.

We do understand the anxiety and tension you get that day, but our professional team knows how to handle such a delicate situation. We click the best photos at beautiful angles that become the source of joy for the next generations to come.

Artistic Indian Videographers
Best Indian Wedding Videography

Creative intimate wedding moments by Indian photographers

Hollywood-style editing of Indian wedding videography

Transforming your dream photoshoots into Reality:
Whether you want a traditional Indian wedding photoshoot or a modern western photoshoot, our Wedding Photographers will provide you professional photography services in New York and New Jersey areas. We usually capture 400 to 600 wedding photographs that reach you within few days after your wedding day.

Not only wedding events, but we also specialize in photographing the newlywed couples, who want their photographs taken to freeze those moments to cherish in the upcoming years of their lives. We proudly say that our services will reach above your satisfaction level and you would cherish them forever and ever!

We will provide you the high-quality timeless images and High-Quality videos that you’d be reliving again and again in the future. So, without reading more, just get into it! And the rest leave to us!

Knowledge of all Religions and Cultures:
Our origin is India, it does not mean that we do not know about other religions or cultures and their rituals. We definitely know about them. And these are not only words, but you can also check out our shoots related to almost every culture. We have a knowledge of Muslim weddings that reflect Pakistani Culture. We do know about South Asian weddings and Christian Weddings. We deliver the best quality photos and videos for the best budget packages. So that you can enjoy your big days more. Whether it is your Barat day or pre-wedding celebration we are here to embellish your special day.

Perfect Indian Videography

Hollywood-Style Editing Highlight Reels of Event Videography

We are very careful in weaving these lifetime moments to create your wedding tale. As you are going to tie the knot with your dream man, you can rely on Indian wedding photographer and Videographer in New York and New Jersey.

Fantastic wedding videographers for post production
Videography services by professional wedding videographers
Event videography, cinematography and wedding film footage
Awesome photography by Indian Wedding Photographer NY

Local Photographers New York | Budget-Friendly Photography

Wedding photography of various nationalities and religions

At candlelight studio, we specialize in Punjabi wedding photography and videography. We tailor our photo-video packages to provide you with the most affordable packages based on the events needed to be covered.

Pakistani Weddings have an extended guest list due to a large number of family relatives. Our extensive team of professional photographers makes sure that we capture memorable moments of everyone present at your event.

With our timeless photography skills, we will capture the true essence of those pure emotions of Guyanese weddings when you exchange rings and promise to be with each other for the rest of your lives.

South Indian weddings are a celebration of the customs and traditions of two families, and we aspire to capture the beauty of this special celebration.

We provide you with high-resolution images to share with friends and family who could not be there at your Gujarati wedding ceremony.

Our photographers aspire to capture your Bangladeshi wedding photos and videos so you can cherish them forever.

We are experts in covering Muslim Nikah and Walima photos and videos. We have also covered Afghani weddings, and that too on a budget.

Roman Catholic Church with magnificent architecture can prove to be a good background for your Church wedding photos.

Punjabi wedding photography New Jersey
New Jersey Punjabi wedding photography
Lifetime wedding memories by Indian wedding photographer NY

Indian Wedding Photographer NY for The Best Wedding Photos

The 9 essential digital photography equipment for a wedding photographer.

One of the most popular cameras among wedding photographers is the Canon EOS 5D Mark IV. Excellent in low-light performance with high-quality images.

We use Nikkor lenses for photographing portraits, weddings, and events. Whether you are shooting candidly or setting up pictures, Nikon gives excellent results even in a challenging light.

Our post-production choice of software is the Adobe master collection graphics suite. We use premiere pro for non-linear editing of 4k videos.

Wedding and event photography has ended up being an exceptionally preferred as well as financially rewarding specialty. Being a professional wedding photographer needs commitment and also skills.

Also, having the appropriate devices is essential if you expect to accomplish sharp, well-composed, well-lit photos. We buy our photography equipment at the B&H superstore located in New York City.

Drone aerial videography and photography have gained popularity in wedding ceremonies. We now offer drone video footage along with conventional video footage. We provide higher-quality photos and videos shot by DJI Phantom from the sky. Newlyweds love this fantastic means of capturing the day.

With great power comes excellent efficiency. Apple hardware, software, and solutions work together to supply a seamless experience that just works. You can begin a project on Mac and finish it on iPad. It’s all compatible with applications from Microsoft and Google, so your group has whatever it requires to get any work done.

Almost every person will undoubtedly agree that picture albums are treasures in your home. These are heirlooms from one generation to the various other, leaving behind a heritage of memories accumulated throughout life. When you consider them chronologically, it resembles pushing the rewind switch and belonging to those minutes once more. Epson has made it possible to print these pictures and bind them into photo albums.

The Boris FX Suite is the complete library of Boris FX award-winning visual effects for wedding videos. The Boris FX Suite includes the Sapphire plugin and Continuum plugin for creating high-end visual effects.

Wedding Bug has many years of experience producing wedding photography and video that every couple can preserve their most precious wedding day moments. Wedding Bug has been voted “Best of Weddings” by The Knot brides.

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