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Gujarati Wedding Photography

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Gujarati Wedding Photography

Gujarati wedding Photography
Gujarati wedding Photography Indian Photographers from New York
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Gujarati Wedding Photographer
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Get the best quality Gujarati Wedding Photography and Videography at an affordable rate

Looking for the best Indian wedding photographer at that too on a budget? Well, look no further because at Candlelight photography studio NYC we offer the best services and wedding packages that your money can buy.

  • Affordable Indian wedding photographers in NY

Thinking of tying the knot in the breathtaking city of New York? With its majestic gardens, ancient libraries, and scenic views, it is no doubt the best place for getting married and creating memories that will last with you forever.

Hiring photographers to capture the small moments at your wedding is an essential part. While getting a wedding photoshoot in New York City may seem to be costly.

The prices may seem to be steep for most couples wanting to get married on a low budget. But you don’t need to worry because, with our top-notch cinematography services, you don’t need to go overboard on your budget or even compromise.

By booking candlelight studio for wedding photography and videography services, you will get access to high-quality photos, cinematic 4K Videography, Flush mount photo album drone shots, and much more that too on a budget.

Our team is well aware of different customs and traditions, and we aspire to capture those precious days which are going to be filled with laughs, memories, and happy tears and preserve them for you to look back upon.

Your wedding photographs are like heirlooms that are going to be passed down to generations, so your investment in your wedding photography is something that will last with you forever.

  • Affordable bridal party and family portraits

While the bride and groom are the center of attention on the big day and mostly the wedding album is a cluster of their special moments, family portraits and bridal party photographs are also important.

Family portraits are like heirlooms that are passed down from generation to generation. They are not only for you but your siblings, your parents, grandparents, and even for your children one day.

We understand the value of these family portraits and the sentiments attached to them, and we aspire to create family portraits on a budget that you can cherish for your lifetime.

We provide you with high-resolution family portraits at the most affordable prices, so you can also have them framed.
While family portraits have their own significance but bridal party photoshoots are also important as they are your go-to gang, from the bridesmaids to the groomsmen.

Capturing those fun-filled moments, those secret laughs are what we are here for.

We understand that it can be quite an overwhelming experience, and hence we have tailored our packages according to the number of pictures you need at the most affordable prices, so you can have amazing portraits of your family and bridal party without worrying about the budget.

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