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Bangladeshi Wedding Photographer
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Bangladeshi Wedding Photography

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Bangladeshi Wedding Photography

Bangladeshi Wedding Photography
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Bangladeshi Wedding Videography
Candlelight Photography Studio NY offers Bangladeshi Wedding Videography
Bangladeshi Wedding Photographer
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Why CHOOSE Candlelight Photographers for your Bangladeshi Wedding Photography?

Candlelight photographers NY relaxes the couple before their shoot. They do not make them more anxious as there is already some anxiety there. We prioritize Dulha and Dulhan as they are the main figures of the event. We capture the bride’s dress, hair, makeup, and everything related to that in an amazing way. We have always met the expectations of our precious clients just because we cover the whole event in the best way possible

The happy faces of the guests, family members, and friends make the celebration even more special. We offer customized shoots and drone coverage of the event from different angles beautifully.
Many families hire us again and again just because their first experience was worthy enough to make their second decision in our favor.

  • Best Wedding Coverage of Bangladeshi Wedding Photography NY:

No matter it’s a big event at some selected destination or marriage hall, or it is a private family event at your garden. We are ready to cover your Gaye Holud, Shaadi, and Baraat in an amazing way. As we have been covering weddings for about 20 years.

We have a great knowledge of everything like the best places, destinations, and spots that can complement your look additionally. We also guide you about the directions, poses to capture your emotional days of life in a dazzling way.

We will make a documentary out of all the moments captured at your Bangladeshi Wedding Photography. We are skilled at converting your photo collection into a beguiling story. You may have a look at our beautiful couples that we have successfully captured so far. You will definitely get an idea of the quality and expectations of our clients that we consider our first priority.

We have earned a good repute in NYC and NJ areas because our Bangladeshi Wedding Photography is timeless. We just capture the natural smiles, laughs, and tears. So, couples remember those moments again and again whenever they go through their photos, and albums.

At candlelight studio, we specialize in creating stunning customized flush mount photo albums so our clients can have a bespoke heirloom quality album full of their big day precious memories. We use high-quality heavy E-Photo Matte paper mounted on thick board cores and high-resolution images that run over the edge.

Our team of highly talented designers has a passion for telling stories in print. Our team offers clients a customized wedding photo album with professional print design and binding services at the most affordable rates.


Gone are the days when photo albums were hidden on the top shelf of cupboards. With our stylish designs at the most affordable rates, these wedding albums are coffee table-worthy.

Creating wedding albums is a family legacy, while it may seem hard to imagine your children and grandchildren flipping through your wedding pictures, but a physical book like a customized wedding album that portrays your love story becomes more precious and worthy as time goes by.

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Bangladeshi Wedding Photography
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