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Muslim Wedding Photography
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Why is it important to capture your Big day? | Indian Wedding photographers NY

Your wedding comes once in your lifetime, it is not about only the willingness of the two people who decide to spend their whole lives with each other but also the outcome of that much planning and preparation that all members of the family have done before. Despite all the Muslim Wedding Photography plans you have made on hand, your big day will not get free from some inevitable chaos. But luckily when you have hired some expert capturer, your day ends up with a lot of memorable moments captured that has a great emotional value for you.

We understand the differences in culture and religious values that are particular to Muslim Wedding Photography only. So, do not doubt it in any way!

You may have a lot of options available like suggestions from your friends and family, and you might be considering them as well. But where do you begin? We are a team of skilled Indian photographers specialized in every type of Muslim wedding photography and videography with highly flexible packages that can fit your budget. No matter it is a luxury wedding or a small, intimate affair, we will capture your precious moments in a way that they are preserved forever.

What makes Muslim Wedding Photographers NY, NJ Unique?

We are a highly diverse team of Professional Wedding photographers who capture not only your unique culture and traditional values in a beautiful way but also provide value for the price. We offer flexible wedding packages so that you can pick one that fits you the best for your Muslim Wedding Photography. We offer various shoots and videography packages that fit almost all weddings.

We offer you a range of options including detailed video of the whole event, bridegroom activities, other than that we also capture candid photos of relatives, family, and bride and groom. We then combine them to make a cinematic highlight with suitable songs.

We are well known for our stand-still photography style. It is done to capture the stage activities, clicks of the family, and the couple.

We also offer drone shots that cover the whole event from the top, in and out from different angles beautifully. And of course, there is a Signature shoot that is a special shoot done by our professional photography team members.

Don’t miss out the opportunity to avail our special discount on your special day!

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Muslim Wedding photoshoots by NY Wedding Photographers:

Muslim weddings are celebrated in different ways throughout the world, this is because of the difference in the cultural values and traditions there. In Pakistan, there are five provinces, and all of them have different ways and traditional values that they follow during the whole wedding event. Like Punjabi people have their own dress codes and customs that they carry through the wedding ceremonies and Nikah, on the other hand, Sindhi and Balochi people have different dresses and celebration styles.

In our 20 years of wedding photography career, we managed to shoot Muslim weddings according to the Islamic wedding traditions. We know the value of Nikah for a Muslim couple and their families. We never disappointed our precious couples. We capture the whole event keeping in mind the Religious Values of that religion as we highly respect them.

Our Specialties| Muslim Wedding Photography:

We Indian Photographers at CandleLight Photography Studio are practicing our photography passion since the year 2000. We started covering Weddings in a way that reflects their particular religion, traditions beautifully. We as a team specialize in Nikah photoshoot, Barat and walima shoot, and of course the after-wedding gatherings shoot. We use the latest cameras and other editing software to make your photos even more memorable.

Muslim photographers and videographers film the whole event in the Best quality and capture your precious and emotional moments in a comfortable way. Candlelight Studio New York offers flexible and customized photography packages to its customers so they can fully enjoy their event without worrying about the photographs and highlights of the event.