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Church Wedding Photography

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Church Wedding Photography

Christian Wedding Photography
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Church Wedding Photographers
Christian Wedding Photography by CandleLight Studio NYC
Church Wedding Ceremony Photography and Videography

Candid Church wedding photography and videography in New York- No poses needed- We embrace your natural look

At every wedding ceremony, we find a series of emotions:

  • The couples glancing at each other.
  • Bridesmaids chitchatting with the bride.
  • The joyous laughs.
  • The guests with appreciating looks.
  • The bride’s mom, with tearful eyes.
  • A slightly nervous look of the bride.

These are all-natural, and we love to capture this true naturalness with our candid photographing skills. We can track the real essence of the bridal ceremony.

You will find our photos reflecting your charming mood. We are very careful in weaving these lifetime moments to create your wedding tale.

As you are going to create the knot with your dream man, you can rely on our wedding photographers in New York.

We know that you are full of blossoming love, and every moment is precious to you.

Our candid photographers observe your natural smiling and effortless posing. While we are professional, we have a sense of realism.

Our specialization lies in composing delicate and unique pictures of your nuptial party. Moreover, we try to find out some unconventional hues when we snap photos of your wedding rituals. Evening cocktails, morning rituals, and ambient vibrancies of the party venue- everything is a part of our creative compositions.

But, why do we love candid photography for bridal portraits?

  • Less posey, highly spontaneous.
  • Capture everyone’s emotions more realistically.

It needs skills and technical knowledge for a perfect candid photo. It is hard to shoot candid shots. Still, our wedding photography professionals in New York can take that challenge.

Our candid photographers know that some emotions are untold, and we start a quest to notice those emotions. The newly wedded couples radiate a joyful calm when the wedding ceremony has reunited them. We focus on each of these details to click amazing photos.

When the Big Day event is over, you can flip through the photo book that we will provide you.

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